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I meant a written list. But now that I know for a fact that your Mandalorian story is a sequel, I'll have to delete the review. I'm sorry.


Ah, right. that'd be helpful.

The Rescue on Devaron and Mandalorian story, Clone Wars era.
Final Wars: Revenge of the Sith-esque era, so nearing the end.
And current one is in the Rebellion era, so... Original Trilogy-esque era.

Hope that helps. ^^

Can I have a timeline of your MLP Star Wars storyline.

Can I ask a favor?

If you could watch and review the 2003 Clone Wars, I could die a happy man.


Hehe, no problem. :twilightsmile:

what happened to this story Transformers Team Six ?

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Wonder Woman 1984 Spoiler Review · 3:54pm April 18th

Oooh, here she comes
Watch out boys, she'll chew you out
Oooh, here she comes
She's a maneater!

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