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"You don't have to look tough to be tough." -- Ahsoka Tano, 2010

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Hey, read the Nancy Drew story, shame it’s not finished, but tell me, did you have plans to spin-off the other ND games, or was it just the one?

Well, better late than never! :raritywink:

Still, I'm glad you enjoyed my story! :twilightsmile:


Eeee. I loved it, forgot to give it a fav a long time ago, I'm a sucker for Gilligan's Island inspirations :rainbowkiss:

Thank you so much for adding The Three Castaways to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

I won't be able to use Discord. Mission rules. You can contact me at my mission email if you really want. I'll provide it in my final blog.



Probably will. *paws at* I still got Discord, if you wanna stay in contact, I'm still there.

Still as snuggly as ever. I'm glad to see you haven't changed. I hope you never do.

Are you concerned that you might miss me?


*Fur go floof!*


Hi, Four! I hope you're doing all right. I wanted to make sure I didn't leave the site without saying goodbye.

  • Viewing 1,193 - 1,202 of 1,202
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May The Fourth Be With You! · 3:32pm May 4th

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make an obligatory, May The Fourth Be With You today!

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