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Everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes. Find someone here. Post in the forum, wait for a response, then vent to someone who'll let you. A good place for you to vent, rage, cry, or just let it out however you're able.


1: No deliberately upsetting people. Attempting to upset people with insults, trolling, or just brash, insensitive dialogue will come with heavy reprimands. People need to feel safe here. If you're going to be helpful, watch what you say and how you say it.

2: No more than three or four people per thread (admins not included). If you see that many people in any thread, go to a different one with fewer people. Fewer people creates less tension and thus fewer fights.

3: Try not to directly blow up on someone. Even if they are being jerks, getting angry will only make it worse (I would know). If you're upset, come to me. I'm the admin. It's what I do.

4: Try not to call people out. This could prompt people to go and attack the person in question. I do not condone that type of "white-knighting", and never have.

5: No political or religious debates. Those never turn out well. Ever.

6: More of a guideline than a rule, but once you've vented and gotten it all out, and you feel you don't need the thread anymore, say so in the thread, and I will semi-lock it (as in post in the thread asking that no one else post after me). I don't like having to lock or delete threads, so I want to try this system for now.

Remember these and the basic site rules, and you'll be fine.

(I realize that people will call this a hugbox. Personally, I don't care. People need a place to vent where they can feel safe in letting out their sadness and frustrations. If people want to belittle and trivialize it by calling it a hugbox, let them. What they say about this group doesn't matter. What matters is you letting out your emotions so that it doesn't hurt you to carry them around.)

Be safe, and stay calm. You'll be okay here.

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This is not true! Everyone has a place, maybe you just need help finding it. That’s why your here.

Hi...I' here..

Comment posted by Black Kyurem deleted Sep 6th, 2017

:fluttercry: I'm so alone.....Nopony :heart: me and I don't wanna be alone anymore......I just need any mare or stallion who will :heart: me.......But no mare or stallion will ever :heart: me!!!!! :raritycry:

408324 Liked this comment solely for the icon of Sombra. I really like Sombra, even if my theory is not true.

I like this. Good idea.

This is a very good idea for a group. I applaud you!

Finally, a place I can feel free!

Very good idea. I support it.

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