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Your average Aspergian Brony that thinks he's finally found a good theme he can stick with.

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Please Help My Friend · 12:31am Dec 2nd, 2017

A very good friend of mine, MidnightChaos, is in some deep financial shit. Anything and everything people can donate is appreciated.
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I've been dancing around something... · 6:17pm Sep 25th, 2016

that you all should know. I'm not the one writing Endless Greed, my buddy RuneScrypt is. I'm part of a Discord server, I mentioned an FMA displaced idea, he popped up out of now where, and offered to write it. The only thing I come up with is the plot. He does the heavy lifting. So, please, go give him a follow. Please. EDIT 11/4/16: I don't write much at all without a deadline, and a consequence for not finishing it on time. And it isn't

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