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Grey Goat Gal

A female who has to do a lot of reading with little time to do it and seemingly online when she isn't.

Music Box

One of my favorite fan-made MLP songs

I'm a sucker for background tribal music, love the medley of the flutes

Deltarune Remix - Love the addition of Battle of a True Hero

First heard this in an animation, feel in love with since!

Deltarune Battle Theme (Rude Buster) - The addition of Darker, Yet Darker gives a haunting sense of the Dark World being just a game.

Background music, just a happier tune

Sometimes makes me emotional, just thinking back to those good moments

Love the guitars in this, especially the slack guitar

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Thank you for adding Evening Lights to your folder Full of Laughter

Thank you for adding Home Is Where The Hive Is to your Liked Stories! It is very much appreciated! If you wouldn't mind, I would greatly appreciate it if you would share your opinion of the story --either by comments or messages. It would mean a lot to me.

Thanks again!


Thanks for coming back and adding The Return of the King to your Liked Stories.
Happy Hearth's Warming!

Thank ya for Putting my book in your

Thanks so much for adding my stories to your lists, I'm delighted and so glad you enjoy them ^^

Great to see you again - I hope you've been keeping well!
Thank you for adding "Celestia x Rainbow - The Truest Love" to your library.
Love your Luna animation!
Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thanks for favoriting my story, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! :rainbowkiss:

Your username caught my attention almost immediately! After I saw your 100 Questions blog, you seemed to be a cool person so I thought it would be nice to follow you! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for reading Big Mac Speaks His Mind!


Thanks for the shelf add!

Glad you've enjoyed my little Christmas storyAnd He Silently Painted A Rainbow! :twilightsmile:

I found it on DeviantArt. I'm pretty sure you can contact them from the website by sending a note or commenting on their profile page, but you would need an account in order to do so.

Where did you find this picture, and how can I contact the one who made it?

Thanks for adding 'The Phoenix Foal' to your 'liked stories' shelf. It's appreciated. :twilightsmile:

You're welcome. I liked how you made a story based on an animation error. Those stories are usually random or comedy based, but your story was more serious which is a rarity.

I'm glad you like the art gallery. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for adding "Above All Others" to your library.
I hope you continue to enjoy my writing.
Nice gallery of artwork!

Terrific name.

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