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Welcome, one and all, to the premier place for all of your Ember needs! Whether you just wanna chat about our glorious Dragon Lord (or Lady, if you prefer!), post pictures of her, or add your stories featuring her to the group, you're all welcome here!

Just remember to be courteous to others, because we have to set a good example of friendship for her!

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I assure you, I'm neither of these things.

Holy hell, y'all work quick...

Well Ember is a Princess and a Dragon Lord. It's all about when the story takes place, after all. I guess if you want to include them both, you could re-name the group "Ember the Dragon", and then have the group description being about stories for Princess Ember and Dragon Lord Ember.


Uuuuuhhhhh I may have made this group right as her name was mentioned by Garble.

Maybe this group are for stories involve Ember before the gauntlet of fire happen? She wouldn't be Lord Ember at that point.

Princess Ember

Hah. . .

Princess Lord Ember.

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