It’s been a week since Princess Luna returned, and it has not been easy. Everypony still fears her, and she finds it difficult to accept the new changes that were made in her absence. This Equestria no longer seems familiar to Luna. If only there was a way she could get away from everything, to go somewhere tranquil and familiar.

The moon.

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“I just wanna be left alone,”

On a regular day in ponyville, A new pony moves into town. Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal to your average pony. The town has gained increased popularity via it being the residence of the Elements of harmony.

So why is this pony so important? Well, he isn’t. Compared to everyone else, he’s just a regular pony. Rather nice, Good at what he does, and a little paranoid.

Actually, maybe he’s a bit more paranoid. Also, he always stays inside, watching the TV. And, he always wears a mask when outside. Also, why does he always carry a box cutter?

If you couldn’t tell, this was inspired by the character Brightside, by Ceramic skin studios.

I hope that I be the first one to write about this golden character.

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There's only one hurdle left standing between Applejack and her destiny, but is the price worth it?

To the victor goes the crown.

Second place entry into the "Contest" Panic Fiction Contest in the Quills and Sofa Speedwriting Group. If writing for fun prompts interests you, you can check out our interests here!

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Warning: The following story you are about to read contains mentions of violence, death, the afterlife, F/M, M/M, sex (don't panic, all the characters that do so will be 18, consensual and mentioned breifly), talk of sex, suicide, and figuring what to do with eternity. If you are uncomfortable with one or many of these things, you know where the exit button is. 

Neither Gallus nor Sandbar expected to die so early, but at least it was dying while saving the world. With their lives over, all that they expected was a simple slip into darkness for eternity. Never did they imagine that what awaited them was paradise for their deeds and actions.

Of course, one doesn’t just accept or come to terms with their sudden death. Especially at such a young age. There are regrets, questions, and discoveries about oneself that come with the prospect of being welcomed into Heaven. Some of these experiences can be welcoming and others can be sorrowful moments in an otherwise bright and happy world.

Yet, perhaps the biggest experience is one that will see the two bond past the flames of friendship and into the waters of love. After all, everything is possible in the afterlife. 

Co-Written by: Rated Ponystar
Edited by: TheAncientPolitzanian and Babroniedad
Cover Art by: LupiArts

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Life has been difficult since what happened with Katie. I want to be a good father to Em, I really do, but it hurts. I need something to take the edge off. All that makes Em feel better is her pony doll. Although, there are talks of a game...

Written for the Friendship is Optimal Contest

Edited by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron, SQA, Georg, MisterEdd, TheAncientPolitzanian, Babroniedad

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Equestria is not the only land of magical creatures.

As Twilight Sparkle and her friends have discovered, there are many other lands that also are inhabited by magical beings. There is Griffonstone, populated by the griffons; Yakyakistan, where the yaks live; the Changeling Kingdom, home of the changelings; the Dragonlands, inhabited by the dragons; Mount Aris and Seaquestria, the two homes of the hippogriffs. But this is a story of a land beyond even that. A land not populated by another species entirely. No, this land is home to ponies, but not the same ponies you know and love and hate. These ponies are different. And this is their story.

Welcome to Anoia.

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Luna considers herself the guardian of all who call the realm of dreams home during the night, the day, or any other hour slumber might take them. More than that, despite anything that might change that in the waking realm, she considers all dreamers hers in their own special ways...

Saying goodby is difficult, no matter how heartfelt the words exchanged may be. Watching them leave to a place where she knows she can never truly follow is moreso...

Written on a whim over the course of a few days with minimal revision and no formal editor besides my self and running it through a couple of word processors, so if there are any clear grammar/spelling/sentence structure issues please let me know. I will not be adding this to any groups or making any real efforts to share this story beyond posting it here, so feel free to add it to any groups you might think are appropriate and to share the story with whoever you think might enjoy it.

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Windheart, the child of Thorax and Octavia, was abandoned by her mother. After 200,000 years of ruling, Thorax gives his throne to Windheart, her daughter. Only 1 year later, she gets a cutie mark! She becomes the only changeling in the entire universe to get one! When Princess Twilight starts a war between changelings and ponies, Windheart has to save the changlings with her talent with the help of her dad Thorax—Amazing Dark Magic!

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Was this all there was? For her and Maud to die out here, at the foothills of the Crystal Mountains, never having had a chance to live their lives beyond that little rock farm?

There was supposed to be something more, wasn't there?

But what?

Author's Note

Based on various thoughts about how weird the Pie family is, my Dr. Maudileena Daisy Pie headcanon, and just how much more would be different in the various alternate Starlight-induced timelines beyond the little bits we saw.

Based off a prompt from Bean's Writing Group Discord server, "From the beginning, you know the end". Thanks to Short-tale, RDT, and Techno Flare for their feedback.

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Princess Luna has helped many within the dream realm with various problems ever since her return to Equestria, but for one soul in particular they need her now more than ever...

(Teen for slight profanity.)

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