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I am become cringe, destroyer of... my own shame, lol


Someone tried to get me to create a patreon or something, but because I'm a terrible amateur writer, plus I can't really offer any rewards, I only got lightly peer-pressured into making a Ko-fi

If you want to support me to get more horsewords out (or otherwise help pay for my education and living costs, which also succeeds in doing the former-) this is the way to do it!

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He Who Feared Not The Boopening
(Fic | EQD) Dec 2022

Don't Tempt Love
(Fic | EQD) Jul 2024

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  • Friday
    Examining Ones Own Writing (Or More Accurately, Fic Interests)

    ... Excuse the 3-4am blog (at least where I am), as I've done a little bit of pondering as I've flicked through fics I used to love- but then can't seem to get into in the same way anymore.

    Excuse the long blog, I think I caught this habit from somewhere...

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  • Tuesday
    Major thanks for the support!

    Alright, ngl, this did much better than expected. Topping featured with a Runic fic there (go read their fics, great shit) during Summer Sin was not what I expected, but I appreciate the love. 7/7, baybeee!
    Comments are my drug, gimme those. I kid, I kid.

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  • Monday
    A Lil' Bit Of Chaos

    So! New story up. First of many, hopefully, as writer's block and inspiration are harsh mistresses, but hey, what can you do...

    Sometimes, you've got to stop picking at your story, sigh, and just go 'It's done!' Perfectionism is the enemy of progress after all, and sometimes a 'Good Enough!' is better. Can there be improvements? Always. But I think expecting perfection out of myself, or some impossible standard, is part of what's killed me lmao.

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  • 1 week
    Corporate Needs You T-

    Alright, as I've been boiling some projects to peak 'good enough' on the backburner, I've been writing a fair bit of Cadance. She's a great character, very versatile, however there has been a bit of a snag...

    You cannot prove me wrong.

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  • 4 weeks
    *Flips a table*

    Alright, so self-love is key, and all that stuff.

    So yeah, I gave my old stories a re-read. Tried to dig into how they got so many upvotes. I've always been astounded, thinking my writing was trash. But honestly... I enjoy it.

    Turns out, I really like this silly story too, even if it's a clusterfuck. So y'know what, screw a redux, I'M GONNA JUST CONTINUE IT AND MAKE IT WORK.

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And I'm not really pushing you towards Corner Gas at all by bringing it up again; I will just simply say that if you do ever watch it, watch the live-action series, not the animated one.

It came first, and while the animated series is fine, the original is much better.

Was kind of a gremlin as a teenager
But I got better

I tried looking you up earlier. What was your username before Lynser, since you just changed it on fimfic?

Hell yeah, brother

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