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For the stories that really get you. From delivering the "hnnnng!" to tears of joy, these are the stories that pull your heartstrings and play them like a violin.

Greetings, one and all!

Welcome to our humble, little group. Feel free to browse the stories and add your own favorites! Here's a quick explanation to the folders:

BadWolf's Best: These are my personal favorites, the ones that really got to me, one way or another. Only I can add to this one, but I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

Warm and Fuzzies: These stories are the ones that are just filled to the brim with "d'aawwws". They are so sickeningly sweet that they'll be sure to give you diabetes.

Tear Jerkers: Sad, tragedy and otherwise downers, these ones will be to stories that will start your water works and forget to turn them off.

Why Can't I Help?!: For tragedies and the like. Those stories where you see everything unraveling before your eyes more and more with every new chapter. You want to help the characters but you just can't. You can only watch.

Banner image is from Tumblr. For the life of me, I can't remember the artist but it is awesome.

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I have been a fan of these story's since reading the one with pinky in the insane bin accused on murder. i boo hood for an hour, i expect more of the same.

I don't know why but as soon as I found this group I skipped everything and went straight for "Why can't I help".
It's like buying a model train set then setting up the entire thing to explode and then realizing how much you love that train but it's too late to do anything. Okay, little bit of an exaggeration there. But seriously, why did I choose to straight to the painful ones first? WHY?!

My fic Batmare Begins is far more adventure than tearjerker, but I do like to think that, even as of now, there are a good deal of feels in it. There's quite a few cute scenes early on involving flashbacks to Derpy's childhood, and chapter six (without giving too much away) definitely delves into some very tragic content. If there's anything else in the way of feels so far, it'd probably be more along the lines of inspirational feels, since so much of the fic as it stands is following Derpy on her journey to become a remarkable pony. Adding it to the main folder since I don't think it really qualifies for any of the more specific folders listed, and if anyone would like to give it a read, I'd greatly appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

I put my story Fluttershy Batwings in a several of folders. I tells the story of poor Fluttershy being born with batwings and sharp teeth left to die in a sewer by her cruel and heartless parents as newborn filly. She is rescued by the sewer dwelling rabbits. She leads a sad life from being a circus freak to an experiment in Sombra's lab. All what Fluttershy wants is to loved and accepted by the ponies but it is the so called normal ponies who are the real monsters here not Fluttershy

Can horror stories with a good deal of sad scenes have a place here? I'd love to get someone's opinion on it.

It's called Seeing Monsters and, although it IS a horror story, I think that it has more than enough scenes that can evoke those feels.

But I might be wrong... can someone tell me?

Hello everyone.
I put my two sad stories in the main folder.
What My Dark Half Is Telling Me is my Pinkamena story. No, she isn't a murderer, but she has issues with her good side nonetheless.
Stillborn stars a pony ghost who's unborn body was stolen by King Sombra. What will this spectral child do next?

I'm rather surprised that my story, "Anniversary Mayhem," is already in this group. I mean, I have some serious feels planned (both of the "warm and fuzzy" type and of the "tear jerker" type), but I'm not anywhere close to those parts yet.

I must admit I'm rather curious: who added it to this group, and what made them decide to after simply reading the first chapter?

Dagnabbit! I can't submit a story that isn't mine although the feels are so powerful :raritycry:

unsure bout my story, I am experimenting with comedy and tragedy

Just put three stories into the 'Tear Jerkers' :fluttercry: section. Hope someone actually reads them. Been on here for a while and have very few likes or favs. If anyone knows what is wrong with them, :facehoof: please let me know.

I've just added the first chapter of my story Nightshade to the tear jerkers folder. It's the first story I've written so I would love some constructive criticism if anyone has some on offer. :twilightsmile:

Hi everybody!

I just added my stories, "First" and its sequel, "Scent of Roses".

I think they should be capable of causing a lot of feels, if that's your thing. "First" even got featured on EQD, and a lot of people seemed to agree, so check 'em out. Thanks!

326229 I was watching Clannad scenes earlier. My feels were overloaded.

326213 oh-god-the-feels!

314948 is that gif from Ouran Host Club live action?

I'm a glutton for punishment and the feels is the worst/best way to do it. :yay:

This group sounds right up my ally. :scootangel:


Well... I prefer happy, though I don't mind sad. But it should have some kind of value. No point in feels that leave you feeling empty inside. For instance, My Little Dashie is sad, but has redeeming, warm your heart kind of value. :raritycry::raritydespair::raritystarry:

I personally make sure that all my stories are full of feels, but I make sure they all end on a warm and wonderful note that renews the readers faith in humanity and ponykind (I try to anyway :twilightsheepish:).

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