This story is a sequel to [EAW] Maar's Assault on Riverlands

It's been two years since Maar, The Griffonian God of Death's Campaign has started. As more nations continue to fall under its control, Maar continues to work on his nightmarish "masterpiece", which will help it launch the global conquest. It would be Edler von Wingenberg, the head of SG, and the right hand of Wingfried von Katerinburg, who would be the first to witness this new "invention".

Cover art by me

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A new student from Philydelphia just moves in to Canterlot High during the week of Fall Formal. It doesn't take him long to know about Sunset Shimmer who everyone is afraid of. The latter who won Fall Formal Princess three years in a row due to fear if someone voted no. But it looks like he's not the only new one at school because at that same time, another girl also happened to be new and by the looks of it. She's planning to run for Princess against Sunset. Will he be able to help her win?

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Fluttershy is renowned for her kindness, but that doesn't mean she's always done the right thing. Over tea with Rarity, she finally lets her friend know how cruel she once could be.

An entry for Bicyclette's A Thousand Words Contest.

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As the crowd cheers for the final event of the Friendship Games, Sunset sees the strange new Twilight Sparkle clutching her magical amulet. When she realizes exactly what Twilight intends to do with it, a gigantic train of emotions hits her all at once as she desperately races to stop her -- even though she knows she's already too late.

Written from Sunset's POV in second-person. Violence tag for graphic description of physical transformation.

Written for Bicyclette's "A Thousand Words" contest!

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Description masterfully created by BleuBloom

Miraak the first dragon born has been slain.

By spear and lance with blood flowing from his veins.

Laid low, laid low...

...the weak, the innocent...the brave.

But with tidings most strange and devious...

This was not his life's end. No...

Under Celestia light...he awoke...as a pony.

What ficklest things may a dragon be...with such a gift?

But there is a prophecy.... a prophecy that ties him with the fate of Equestria.

Will he raze it to the ground?

Or will he save it from the impending doom?

Will he succeed?

Or will he become corrupt just like in the previous life, a deceit?

A monster, that roams around killing the innocent?

But fear not O ponies of faith!

Other hero's will rise if he is unable to do so...

And Titans will collide…heavy casualty on both sides

The world against him is but barely a fair fight…


So pray that his very existence is not your impending doom…

But a mercy of light.

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Bugged Out

The Turtles, Rainbooms and all of their friends are in for an adventure like no other.
From another world, a new friend by the name of Roland, came to seek help. For in his world, he is their brother, and their Shredder survived the attack. And in his lust for conquest, the Turtles, Rainbooms and all of their friends from their world had perished or fell in battle.
Now it's a race against time to find the artifacts that can be accessed to the single source of all Reality, and Shredder is after it.
Not only do they need the help of their friends and allies, but other Turtles from different worlds. This...is the fight...across the Shell-Verse.

***Shine Boy and Team Shine characters belong to WarriorofFaith18, used with permission
*** Based on Fiction by Wildcard25
***Disclaimer: I do not own Equestria Girls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), or any of the other characters.
***Special shoutout to Wildcard25, Darth Wrex, Mister V, WarriorofFaith18, Jebens1 and AmethystMajesty25 for giving me the opportunity to write this Fanfic.

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When the stars aligned to give their power to the Queen of Nightmares, something else over rode that power, sending her to a far off world. Now in the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D., she has a choice. Join the Avengers, or be kept as a science experiment. Seeing the fame Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers have, the choice is clear.

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Time Turner comes to Rockville on official geological business; unfortunately that business involves greenlighting a project to destroy the Painted Hills, a local natural wonder and a fondly remembered foalhood locale of local rock farmer, Maud Pie. Unhappy with his assignment, Time seeks Maud's help in saving the landmark by uncovering an ancient secret. The more time they spend together in the hills, the more their weirdness seems to fit together... Oh, yes and Maud's pet rock turned jealous ex, Boulder is trying to kill them which appears connected to it all in some strange way.

Maud Pie x Dr. Whooves

The 'sex' tag is purely for some innuendo but the story does contain hot fossil collecting action.

My submission for the May Pairings Contest 2022.

Cover by me, as always.

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Hitch Trailblazer comes out of the Maretime Bay PD to do his afternoon rounds with his deputy only to find the populace in a panic. Quickly finding the source of the hysteria, it's time to put Canterlogic's defenses to good use...

A pro bono commission proudly undertaken for Phazon, for their generous donations to my Extra Life 2021 fundraiser for Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Planeswalker: Glimmering Oil

After Sunset Shimmer cleansed the human world of Phyrexia’s influence, she finds herself faced with a new reality: a world where every living human has access to their magical powers. But though the plane of Anthropia has long been known to be deeply entwined with Equestria, even those who have traveled between both worlds do not truly understand the nature of the connection.

When the human Twilight discovers the fossilized remains of an alicorn, her Equestrian counterpart is sent down a path that will unravel a secret hidden for two-hundred millennia. As an unexplained phenomenon causes Equestria’s mana to slowly fade, Twilight discovers not only the forgotten history of both worlds, but the machinations of an elder dragon intent on destroying everything she holds dear.

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