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Principal Celestia always has wings in her dreams.

They got her into trouble, once. She let herself believe that they meant she was an angel. Then she grew up, and learned some hard lessons about what being an angel really required.

Now six winged girls have just fought a demon in front of her school. And her phantom wings are itching.

Her life is turning upside down ... and she hasn't even heard about Equestria yet.

Third place in the "Under the Sun" June Writeoff! Revised and expanded for FIMFiction!

Praise for the Writeoff version:

"Holy cow ... That's how you write an EqG fanfic! You captured the heart and SOUL of this/your version of Principal Celestia, wrapped it up in bi-universal consistency, and sold me on an idea of redemption I didn't even know I needed." —Xepher

"This is gorgeous. A thorough, exhaustive, incredibly moving portrait of a character who I don't think I've ever seen get quite this much development or attention." —Posh

"This is actually, after all these years, an original take on a story on Luna's banishment. If that's not something to be celebrated I don't know what is." Quill Scratch, Radio Writeoff

Cover art by Seniloko, used under Creative Commons license.

Chapters (4)

Immediately after her ascension, Twilight's feeling stressed. Princesshood? Wings? It's a lot to take in, and the full weight of it is only just now sinking in. No matter how much of an honor it is, Twilight can't stop panicking over it.

So when Celestia gives her a choice between being an alicorn and being a unicorn, Twilight's not sure which path she wants to take.

Chapters (1)

This is just a short one shot, lyric fimfiction about The mother of Chrysalis; HeartShatter who's name was Heart before she got her heart broken, whom was once had the potential of becoming an Alicorn, before that she was creator of Heart of Hoves day and before that she was just a Canterlot Earth Pony with a lot of Love to give.

Now she is just a husk of what she used to be, reserved in a Cocoon in her daughters secret chambers. Chrysalis is worn and beat from the last battle with Equestria but after reading her mother's journal once again, her poem to her she gets up to fight once more because Celestia has not won the war yet!.

Chapters (1)

Rain is something that is natural for ponies to get out of. It's uncomfortable, it's basic nature to seek shelter from it. But when the rain begins to fall, what enlightenment could Equestria's fastest flier discover simply from deciding to walk home?

Got bored with my other stories, and started listening to a song called "Clair de Lune", which was my inspiration. Cover photo not by me, only slightly edited by me. It's temporary until I get some way to have an artist make me one, or learn to draw it myself. I hope you enjoy my story, please comment and favorite so that I know what kinds of things you liked, or did not like.

Chapters (1)

Trixie Lulamoon, once world-famous magician, now homeless living in the Everfree. When one day she is saved by a strange creature known as a human and decides, with few other options, to get a job as his assistant. The man, Damien Peregrinus, is a well-known merchant who travels across galaxies, well-loved by some, hated fiercely by others. Association with him, causes Trixie to get in all sorts of trouble, and it will test her. Can Trixie be a hero to Equestria? To the Galaxy? Or is a hero even what the galaxy needs?

~Gradna~ The planet which houses Equestria

Chapters (1)

A short story about Shining Armor's death. Old age had finally come to take its due and there's nothing the three alicorns surrounding him can do about it. All he can do now is think about what awaits him and what he leaves behind.

Chapters (1)

You are a Royal Day Guard. You are surprised one day to be approached by the Princess of the Night, who asks you to appear at her chambers that evening to perform an unknown task...

Written because I needed Luna cuddles.

Featured 7/21/17! Thank you!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to PoSiE: A Typical Displaced Fic

A collection of moments in the life of Spike.

Reading the first PoSiE is not required for this story. It would, however, give you an idea of why you should leave your expectations for any amount quality beyond "crappy" here before you proceed.

Special thanks to Bugsydor again for approving/polishing this turd. (This story was also written very late at night.)

Chapters (1)

Celestia has always been a headstrong teenager--especially when it comes to dealing with her somethingth-great-aunt, Luna. But, when an innocent prank goes completely wrong, Loonie might finally have a point.

That doesn't mean Cece's gonna lie down for her, though. Not while Twilight Sparkle is also in the line of fire...

This is part of a writing experiment; if you like it, please let me know! You might even be persuade me to write the whole thing! :twilightsheepish:

Chapters (1)

In the far-off reaches of Neo-Equestria, a race of actually heroic space ponies venture across the universe to save any planets in need of dire assistance. For nearly a millennium, they served to protect, acting as a beacon of hope. But an ancient evil has begun to awaken from its long imprisonment, and so it's up to the newer generation of ponies to save the day!

But as they do, they have to come face to face with several powerful monsters, crafty henchmen, and their own inner demons as they discover the true meaning of friendship wherever they go. They must make new allies in the most unlikely of places, and work together to bring down the dark sorcerer that threatens all of existence, even as their struggle brings them to a world similar to their own...

Let the adventures begin!

Chapters (1)
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