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In an infinite multiverse there are equally infinite stories to tell. While planeswalkers across time and space compete in epic struggles for their own ideals, the ponies of Equestria have many tales of their own to share.

A series of short stories set in the same universe as My Little Planeswalker. Possible spoilers for that story abound.

Chapters (1)

Rover the Diamond Dog has been pack leader for years now, protecting the Diamond Dogs near Ponyville from all manner of threats. He’s made mistakes, such as the time he thought it would be a good idea to kidnap a unicorn to help find gems. But those mistakes don’t change his responsibilities—their pack has a sacred charge, one he will see fulfilled no matter what.

Takes place immediately following “Dog and Pony Show”

This story was inspired by this thread! Probably read the story first, because it’s going to completely spoil what this is about.

Pre-reading by the patient Bitera and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

Chapters (1)

The events of this story take place during and after the episode "sonic rainboom."

Soarin's life was going great until the day of "The Young Fliers Competition," when he tried to save Rarity's life. The next day Soarin wakes up realising his wings have been transformed into girly butterfly wings. Now he has to learn to use his new wings and fight to keep his position in the Wonderbolts with the help of Rainbow Dash and Rarity.

Editor: The Abyss

Artist for the cover art: Pridark

Chapters (1)

Set toward the end of Season 4's, "Simple Ways". After their little spat during Trenderhoof's time in Ponyville, Rarity and Applejack come to the realization that they have stronger feelings for each other than they realized. They are first able to admit these feelings and decide to start their relationship slowly. A weekly spa date tradition is born and the happy couple get started on their romantic journey together.

Chapters (1)

Equestria might be a threat. Thom doesn't know, and he didn't particularly care. Then he was hired to investigate.

This is an Optimalverse story.

Cover is balthasar999's.

Chapters (1)

Starlight has had some major accomplishment since becoming Twilight's student. However, she has grown arrogant from her success that she won't see what's about to happen when an old foe returns to seek vengeance, along with two others.

Chapters (1)

Mortar Shot, a pony that can't die, what goes on in his daily life. Is it different than yours or mine? Only he can tell, but so far he hasn't found anyone he can trust. Just settling into ponyville he starts getting a daily routine when something goes terribly wrong (hint: he is a fireworks pony and it involves explosives 💣)

Chapters (1)

"Day one: They told me I would never make it, but today is the day I prove them wrong. These will be my last words on my Home planet for a while... Au Revoir, I gotta catch that shuttle."
Join me in my first fic, a shameless self-insert space adventure inspired by Elite:Dangerous.
Made by: Me!
Proofread by: My lovely Girlfriend

Chapters (1)

Queen Chrysalis is evil. She has a heart full of hatred. But little do we know that she wasn't always this way. Her family, childhood, and friends are all what turned her into the monster she is today.

We know that Princess Luna supposedly became Nightmare Moon because she thought she wasn't loved. But is that really all that happened? Starswirl the Bearded and Clover the Clever are determined to solve the mystery of why an innocent, kind, loving pony was turned into a real-life Nightmare.

Chapters (6)

Rainbow Dash turns into an alicorn and goes on adventures. Her friends eat blue apples because red ones are stupid and they all go and defeat Sombra.

Chapters (1)
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