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There's beef in the ends of Ponyville. Will T rise above, or will she get chiefed up by even bigger g's?

(I really should be sorry about this, but I'm not. Warning, gratuitous amounts of British slang ahead, read at your own risk.)

Cover art here.

Chapters (1)

There is a rift on the large crystal sphere that surrounds the known universe.

Lynn fights a crazy intruder. Celestia finds out who created the universe.

Chapters (3)

This Equestria, a different Equestria where Luna never became Nightmare Moon. Instead Celestia succumbed to her desire for everlasting peace in a world of light was twisted creating Daybreaker.
After a massive battle Luna emerged victorius thanks to her friends who she has bestowed immortality to.

Now millenia later Daybreaker returned and was defeated by Sunset Shimmer, Luna's student and her friends:Spitfire Flare, Strawberry Sunrise, Coco Pommel, Nurse Redheart Asclepius, and Trixie Lulamoon.

A year later an ancient order devoted to the worship of Daybreaker seeks her Resurrection and is using Sunset to do it, however the ritual is interrupted and a mysterious and odd young filly named Helia is created. Now its upto Sunset who happened upon the creature in the Everfree Forest to protect her from the cult and from her own past, all in order to see to it the crimes primordial to this innocent, yet somewhat bratty young life are not the catalyst to usher in Daybreakers Resurrection

Chapters (1)

Spike's mental and emotional maturity always seemed to be in flux. All his friends knew that he was a baby dragon, but what was a baby dragon when compared to a pony? Spike was almost as old as the Mane six, and had a mental intelligence to match, especially under the diligent education of his friend, mentor, and perhaps even mother, Twilight Sparkle. But his emotional maturity wasn't clear. Everypony thought he was a child, but that's soon called into question. After a small growth spurt, it seemed like spike was finally growing into what was considered a teenager for dragons. Exemplified for his need for a small horde, emotional fluxes, and even interests in topics that he knew about but never cared for before, Spike must now learn to go through the rough time of puberty. Dragon Style.

My first uploaded fic. Constructive criticism wanted!

Chapters (1)

Cold. Why is it always so cold in this prison? Nopony seems to know, but everypony feels it, even those adapted to the cold.

Is the cold taking ponies? There are those who seem to be freezing to death, and then suddenly they're gone. No trace of them. Just more cold.

The cold is getting stronger...

(If you dislike this story, let me know why. I'll try to improve.)

Chapters (1)

Pheebs is destined to save Ponyville from Nightmare Moon, but it is said she will get help from another universe. Someone more powerful needs to help her. Will he help, or will he be too cold towards her?

Chapters (3)

Shining Armor plans to introduce his marefriend, Cadance, to his parents for Hearth's Warming dinner. It’s months away, but it never hurt to plan ahead, after all. First, however, Cadance and him have to talk.

Cover art by Evehly.

Chapters (1)

Facing defeat has made the lives of the Dazzlings difficult. Although Adagio and Sonata have practically given up, Aria Blaze isn't.
This time, however, revenge isn't her only motivation... for there is more that lies within her ambition.

Chapters (1)

Side-Story to When Dimensions Unite

While the events of When Dimensions Unite continue to unfold, somewhere across time and space, many events a cure as universes collide, worlds unite, characters meet and the binderies and rules of all of creation break!

Witness as your favourite characters encounter unknown enemies from beyond their worlds, heroes and villains do battle and much, much more, the possibilities are completely endless!!

Each story contains many events that take place before, during and/or after the events of each chapter of the main story.

Will feature special side stories, battles and even some non-canon PSAs for all to enjoy!

Chapters (1)
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