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A group for bite-size stories. They can be short one-shots (under 2,500 words), anthologies of shorts, or multiple-chapter stories with short chapters. Any genre or rating is acceptable.

The rules for this group are a little complicated. If you'd like to add a story, please check the rules thread.

Currently undergoing reorganization. Please be patient. (But feel free to keep submitting stories in the meantime!)

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Hey there

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

just 2,500 that sounds like a challenge because I can barely write just 1.1k. Am I making it sound like I can't write a page? On the contrary, Just writing a prologue easily goes past 2,500k words lol.

2500? why that limit..I mean a short story can be 5k iti t really good..just 2500 words seem too short at times.


Ok, I'm here now what. How do you look at my story.

377428 Yes, we've got plenty of them.

Are mature-rated stories allowed? I've got one posted, and some in the pipeline. . .

Wow... someone thought my story was worth adding to a group? I didn't want to be pushy and force it onto any groups... I do thank you for picking it up, at least. I appreciate it.


Thanks for the folder, I appreciate it!

Oh my....I didn't know I got my own folder. Thank you, thank you so much! :pinkiehappy:

My own folder, wow! This really makes my day!

Is this the word count per FIMFiction, or the actual word count?

Because I've got a story which is just south of 2,500 words, but which registers as north of 2,500 words due to the way that FIMFiction counts.

342195 Oops, never mind what I said. Rules do say each chapter under 2500 words.

Comment posted by Bad Horse deleted Jan 9th, 2014

Point of order: can Austraeoh be listed here? On the one hand, the chapters average less than a thousand words. On the other, there are 200 chapters. (It fits the rules, but I'm not sure if it's appropriate.)

Edit: Actually, is this archive still maintained? There are a lot of stories I'd like to add, but it's not allowing me to add them in the appropriate folders.

Now accepting multi-chapter stories that are long, but each chapter is short? Okay.

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