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Just a bisexual writer who writes for fun. Enjoy my story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/507767/fallout-equestria-lionheart


Rainbow's granddad is coming for a visit, and Rainbow told him she's married to a stallion that looks like an original comic character she dreamed up! Hilarity ensues as these unlikely lovers must work together!

A fluffy crackfic from the mind that brought you Nuts 2 (Except not really lmao I'm not that guy I'm someone else entirely, I just feel like reminding you that Nuts 2 exists)

tw: homophobic grandfather, transformation, tf, tg, genderswapping, cute tooth-rotting lesbian sweetness, subtle adult humor. Disregard downvotes from homophobic trolls

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what does rainbow dash's grandfather look like

RD's grandfather looks like garbage. Sorry for forgetting the description in the first draft. I added a description of him.

I mean what does he look like like his coat color, eyes, etc.

wow I had no idea so many of this site's users hated gays

Wow. Just... wow. I'd suggest an "acid trip" tag if there was one, but Comedy will have to do. Lol. Maybe consider adding Random.

I'm fairly certain the vast majority of the downvotes weren't because those people are homophobic, they just expected a proper story. While I had a laugh I can clearly say that the writing was... confusing, to say the least. Things were happening completely out of nowhere and to top it all off you make fun of a fairly touchy subject and then throw a hissy fit when people react accordingly.

Do learn what phrases like "Hissy fit" mean, would you? I reserve the right to roll my eyes at whomstever I please. You remind me of someone I met who thought I'd be "devastated" by his opinion on my work, just because he thought that highly of himself. Countless stories on this site earn their "Random" tag. Do you feel this is one of them? I don't care what homophobes have to say about my work. I don't care what excuses they make. Critique my fic, and earn my respect if you want me to care about what you feel like saying about writers with the balls to write something gay.

As expected, my attempt at explaining the situation is met with even more salt. I'm willing to reread and try to point out whatever I can find so DM me if you care for it.

As for "thinking highly of myself". I am trying to help however little I can. How you take it is completely up to you and I couldn't care less if you don't read my comments altogether.

If you see salt where there is none, what does that say about you? Why make personal attacks against me, then hide behind "I'm just trying to help" when called out on them? Calling me an angry baby is a personal attack, and while I'm fine with those because I don't care about them, do y'all ever get tired of hiding behind layers of excuses?

I see this is going nowhere so I'll just go ahead and stop filling up the comment section.

Well, at least you explained why you clicked the "no likey" button. As far as I'm concerned this post has one downvote for every downvoter that felt like leaving a comment that could improve this story or future stories from me.

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