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I write various things depending on my mood, just not very fast at the process. I'm a happy and fun brony so there is that.



New year and the like. · 3:35am January 4th

Been a good year and i hope for more god events to come.

Firstly helping write a story with Foal Star Dr Whooves new year foal

hopefully i’l get stories done thati promsie myself i’ll make. looked over blogs and yeah i made promises I forgot to actually get around too.

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Did you get my last PM?

Thanks for the fav. pardner :eeyup:

Comment posted by AnimeTrashCan730 deleted Oct 17th, 2016

2277551 I really don't like shipping, like most of the time is contrived or ...Spike like 12-13 Tops! and people put him in sexual situation for frak sake.I just really don't like it..I dont cant take any of it seriously. Even when it shoved into a plot out of the blue..throws me for loop.

Are you a fan of spike the dragon and list any spike ship that you faves!?!

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