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Not a brony, but glad to be here.

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As stated above, I'm not a brony. To date, I've seen only tree full episodes of Friendship is Magic. The rest I've pieced together from clip rabbit holes on Youtube, the wiki, and the wonderful community that got me interested in the first place. I can at least give this list, though: favorite pony: Pinkie Pie, favorite character: Discord, and favorite princess: Luna.

However, while my knowledge of Equestria is limited, I've dipped my pinkie finger in numerous other fandoms, with which I have more experience with. If I write anything for MLP, it's most likely going to be a crossover. And I have some multiverse meddlers in mind.

I am an avid writer who is a little burnt out at the moment. The quirk with my writing is that it doesn't flow easily without an audience to present it to, so I'm trying to rekindle the spark. The best place to start is where my writing got its roots: fan fiction. I'm baby-stepping my way back into my original works, for which I have a few books' worth of ideas for. I have Fanfiction and FictionPress accounts for my other works if you want to read them. You may also find me lurking around in the comments on Youtube.

One more thing: I like music when I'm writing. It really gets me in the mood of the story, and I feel it could be nice to listen to while reading it. So, keep an eye out for my notes - I'll be leaving some song suggestions to read by.

I hope you enjoy my pieces. I leave you with this quote:
"All fiction, in fact, is fan fiction." - Austin Kleon.

-The Legendary Bill Cipher

In The Works

Stories presently in The Works:

"At World's End" - a Crossover - Under Revision
"A Post-party Night's Dream" - a Crossover - Nearing Completion
"Solace for a Princess" - a Crossover - Formulating
"Laughter" - a multi-chapter Crossover - Under Construction*

*: Due to site rules, the full original story cannot be posted here on Fimfiction. Please refer to my Fanfiction page for the original, uncut story.

Status Guide:
Formulating - Story is just a concept and may not be on word document.
Under Construction - Work has begun on story.
Under Revision - Story is done or mostly done and may be rewritten.
Nearing Completion - Story is complete and in need of final glance overs.

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