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Aka Down The Rabbit Hell :pinkiecrazy:

A group to make it easier to organize and track Who We Become, a slice of life series split into two parts. Both Equestria and the human world have their own stories, with the two worlds crossing over in sometimes significant ways.

Largely, the story revolves around romantic drama, with a heavy use of LGBTQ themes. It takes place over many years, making an accurate description of the story as a whole difficult, but it's basically a lesbian horse soap opera :derpytongue2:

New reader? Check out the chronological order of stories/recommended starting point here!

Note about canon: This series started in between seasons four and five. I tried to keep things in line with canon as I went, but eventually that became impossible. Everything up to and including Crusaders of the Lost Mark is canon to this story. On the Equestria Girls side of things, everything up to and including Friendship Games is canon. Episodes starting with The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows and EqG stuff starting with Legend of Everfree are not part of this series timeline. Certain events will still be adapted into this series' canon, but that will involve retelling them in a way that makes sense with everything else going on.

Want to check out some Who We Become images? I compile them on Manebooru here, collecting every image related to the series as long as the artist is cool with me uploading there.

Not that I suspect many people do, but if anyone wants to write a story in this universe they'd be making somebunny very happy.

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I’m genuinely perplexed that people are downvoting DeathWitch’s comment here, but I’ve always been for people writing their own stories in this verse if they wanna and have encouraged Death to go ahead with their story. So, you know, it has my blessing for whatever that’s worth.

Hey all, I am a huge fan of this series and made an account to make this simple offer:
Free of charge and completely open to collaboration/critique, I would like to write a story that incorporates Starlight Glimmer. I have been reading, re-reading, and re-re-reading the series to make sure I can carefully reconcile the story arc with Seasons 5-7 (working on S8) and some of the later EqG specials. Never read a comic, nor do I have the resources to do so, but I am open to conversing with members who have. I have no title, but I have some idea of how to start it. Feel free to respond or pm me about this project. I hope to hear from you all, but most importantly Krickis. Blessed Be!

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