Everything changed around 2008, we elected a new president, smartphones were becoming the next big thing, and it was the nearing end of the 00's, things were truly changing. One big change that people were not at all expecting, though, was strange portals that not only appeared around the globe but were also connected to a strange, magical alien world.

Long story short, these portals were connected to a world known as Equestria, where many mythical, magical creatures ruled over, and luckily for us humans, they were mostly peaceful. So much so that, not only were we able to just establish trade between our worlds, and added a few Equestrian seats to the UN, but also allowing earthlings to visit and vacation in Equestria, and vise-verse for the inhabitants of the other world.

This is the story of how you as well as other groups of people, became the first civilians to visit this alien universe, but a story of how you found your out-of-this-world soulmate.

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After Andy finds out that Fluttershy's romantic interest is a mare abuser with ill intentions, he offers his shoulder to Fluttershy in her time of need. However, when he comforts her, Fluttershy takes notice of Andy's strange and evasive behaviour, which makes the timid mare feel concerned for him, knowing that something is bothering him greatly.


Cover Art Credit - https://www.deviantart.com/shutterflyeqd/art/The-Stare-of-Affection-730749186

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A short drive down the highway with your marefriend turns into a trip down memory lane, and something much more...

A short slice of life/romance story I figured I'd upload on here, seeing as I haven't posted anything in almost four whole years. So yeah, I'm not dead yet!

Pony on Earth story. Second person POV. Human x pony. All that good stuff.
Rated T for profanity.

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You are Celestia's brand new personal guard, and things are different than you expect. Is she your boss, or something more?

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Equestria is full of wonders, and one among them spent his life defending all others and now, at the end of his days, as his soul ascends the roots of Yggdrasil to the golden halls, he finds himself called upon again to see many more. Truth be told, a peaceful oblivion might have been preferable.

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Filly Anon has just one night to escape her babysitter Fluttershy, to sneak into Twilight's castle and set a wrong doing right.

How hard could it be?

When facing off against bastard bunnies, always remember to whisper.

Inspired By World's Quietest LP.

Art By Smoldix.

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Walking home at night clearly is one of the most stupid decisions you’ve ever made. That only becomes even more clear when you wake up in an unfamiliar place with strange new limbs.

Haven’t you ever been taught about stranger danger? Don’t go into dark alleys, don’t approach strangers in trench coats, and definitely don’t antagonize them for offering you glow-in-the-dark stickers. You never know if they are some strange, world-bending, celestial deity of some sort that gets easily offended at insults to their precious, precious sticker-selling business and decides to punish you by slapping a sticker on you, therefore transporting you to a world filled with fun-loving equines and terrifying monsters with racial problems.

Your stupid decisions aside, at least one good thing that came out from this situation was that you at least look kinda bad-ass. However, it really does make you stick out from the generic brands of ponies in this... “Equestria” land you woke up in. Hopefully your quick (not really) wits and profound knowledge in the art of profanity, sarcasm, and unknowingly ominous statements that you blurt out of your large, now fang-filled mouth. Hopefully you don’t fuck anything up.

This is a changeling/centaur reader insert. I was kinda planning on making this gender-neutral, but i think it will be a bit more room for hilarity if the reader was female. It doesn’t really matter what gender you are, though, there’ll be a lot of dirty, really tasteless jokes coming in this fanfic!

Another thing!! I have literally no fucking clue how reader inserts work on this site, but i have seen some of them so i may as well use similar tags!!! Also, this is kinda a... platonic story. I mean, there’s already a shit-ton of smutty reader inserts man, may as well make a platonic one.

I apologize if you don’t have long hair, or short hair, or hair, but i decided to just get kinda... in the middle by giving ya’ll short hair before and long hair after the thing. I dont know if ya’ll care or not about this, i really just ramble a lot and i’m Nervous if i do something wrong.

The cover was created by me. The gray areas are colors that are supposed to be filled in by you, but you probably already know that. :)

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This 'Story' is a portal into another realm.
A realm where the history of Equestria is altered.

Within these pages you will discover many wonderful and fantastic things, but also some of the darkest and deadliest secrets known to ponykind.

If you are prepared, Reader, begin reading.
Perhaps you will find some enlightenment from the legendary King Dusk NightFall.
Or perhaps not.
That's up to you.

[This is a Work in Progress, so I'll add more to it in the future. Bear with me, I'm juggling some editing jobs.]

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Daring Do and the Jeweled Opal is an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure story with multiple paths to take.

You take on the role of Daring Do herself as she sets out on her newest adventure into the great unknown.

Please select Chapter 0 to begin.

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You are just trying to live life in Canterlot while being homeless, the only things in your possession being a small portable DVD player and some movies to watch to keep up your spirits in this harsh world. After a crazy light show at the High School, you find three teenage girls on the run, and one of them has taken a particular interest in you.

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