Spike decides to check up on Twilight. We'll hear in inner thought on the subject of her princess duties.

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After the "fun" you and Rainbow had last night, tonight wasn't going as good for you. A terrible nightmare is haunting you, and you find sleep impossible. Thankfully, Rainbow is here for you.
(For people suffering from nightmares, or having trouble sleeping)

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We come from pony vill.
Through systems, peoples, and cities
To this place:

Our format: We don't have a format
We ended up here
now we are trying to get back to pony vill

They say The Gardein lives inside the Net
And protects people from the games.
No one knows for sure, but we intend to find out!


This is bast off the First fully 3D SGI show named ReBoot. The main 7 and the CMC got stuck in mainframe for over 2 years now, along with a human named Brogan that has been living there for over 5 years trying to find a way out. Megabyte and his sister Hex are always making trouble for the mainframes.

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Two beings with a supreme power called "Grand Zeno", decide to organize a tournament in which ten warriors from eight universes participate, who govern not to get bored, both send their assistant to inform the participating universes to recruit their warriors within twenty-four hours, the universes that are lost during the tournament will be deleted by the two Grand Zeno, the news of the tournament reaches the ears of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, who are her alerted of the great danger in which they were, as they cannot participate decide to tell Twilight about the situation, she decides to recruit his five her friends, in turn it happens to recruit Starlight and Trixie because he knows they can make a great teamwork in addition to his great friend, his brother Shining Armor and his companion Spike, when they reach the arena of combat Twilight will meet again with faces known by her along with different beings, although the biggest problem will be a powerful inhabitant of the universe 11 that will give them many problems.

This story is inspired by "The Cartoon's Tournament of Power by The Pony Spartan"

To differentiate the two kings of all, the future will be called "Grand Zeno" and the present will be called simply "Zeno" another thing I want to clarify is that the rule of not using weapons is eliminated in this story, this will allow some participants to fight normally

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Since the very dawn of ponykind, drinking has been a social activity shared between friends and a method by which social bonds are strengthened, achievements are celebrated, and oaths are sealed.

It is also an excuse for Rainbow Dash to get touchy with you.

A 2nd Person Pony Self-insert x Rainbow Dash cuddlefic.

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Beyond the walls of Osiris, there lays a forgotten species, which a changeling benefited from. He decides he would fight with her majesty's swords. Both dark and light, this is the story of Sir Moral Sword.

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This story is a sequel to Stress Relief

You and Sunset are about to go out and enjoy a special time outside for the fireworks, but while this is your intention, you have other plans as well.

A very short addition to the Stress Relief series.

To anyone in the US and regions, have a nice 4th. :twilightsmile:

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You've been in Equestria for about a month now, and have had the privilege of becoming friends with Princess Celestia, the land's kind and fair ruler.

Close friends.

Very close friends.

That's probably it though...right?

EDIT: Featured at #3 on 7/2! I'm glad you all enjoyed!
EDIT: #2 on 7/3! Wowza!
EDIT: (Same day) Now with an AUDIO READING by MultiDoomPie!

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There're just sort of things that are unexplainable, something that are beyond our understanding. Something that could damage or destroy anything on its path. Sometimes that 'something' just stay passive and does not harm unless provoked or interacted with. These things, as we call them SCP's. Their very own existence must be kept secret to prevent mass panic and related chaos and allow the society to function normally.

These Anomalies must be 'Secured' before anypony knew they even existed.
They must be 'Contained' so we can study their behaviour and activities.
They must be 'Protected' to avoid any harm they might caused to the society.

I welcomed you, to SCP Foundation. Where all anomalies are kept in secret, hidden in plain sight, away from society.

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