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A group for stories about petting, cuddling and snuggling the ponies of equestrian. I can't believe there was no group for this, shame on all of you!

1. No M rated stories.
2. Be civilized with each other we are not animals, we just pet them.
3. Follow site rules.
4. Whenever I get around to making categories for stories submit them correctly.
5. The most important rule of all is that it is humans cuddling ponies, nothing else. Spike is allowed since he was raised by ponies. So no equestrian girls unless they are ponies. or unless the equestrian girls are cuddling ponies. Which also means no ponies cuddling other ponies, unless the pony was human that was turned pony.

Hopefully this group can blow up.

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So you took nearly a year to reply and then didn't add any categories.

Hopefully this group can blow up.

That might happen if you bother to put SOME effort into it and don't just expect it to maintain its self.
ORRRR better yet add another admin that actually gives a crap.

This group needs more categories.
Ive got a bunch of stuff for Starlight Glimmer and Scitwi.

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