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Welcome to Twilight Sparkle's Magical Library! Here is where Twilight Sparkle stashes stories she has collected from mares and stallions around Equestria. Twilight allows you to pick any book to read and hopes you enjoy it! Twilight would also love it if you donated a copy of your book to the library for her and others to read!

Twilight has some loose but strict rules for what books can and cannot enter the library. Here are Twilight's rules:

1. This library is not generally a NSFW group, but there will be a clopfic folder for any who'd like to enter a clopfic into the library.
2. If a story is in more than one category (I.e, slice of life, romance, mystery) feel free to enter the book into more than one category.
3. Any story is eligible to enter into the library! Don't be shy, simply add any stories!
4. The stories do not have to be about Twilight Sparkle! This is a strict rule, because Twilight knows a lot of people would enter Twilight books only. The books can be about anypony (even OCs) in any place, any category, and any time!
5. The library is open 24/7! Come on in!

That's about it! Have fun, donate stories, read a lot, and say hi to Twilight Sparkle. She'd like that!

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