In an attempt to stay on top of any potential crisis, Twilight starts reading up on as many legends as she can.

One in particular catches her interest, even though it didn't even have a full paragraph of description.

Perhaps Celestia knows what exactly this "Slayer" is?

Chapters (1)

10,000 years ago, the ancient kingdom of Equestria was nearly destroyed by a race of insectoid monsters led by the evil Queen Chrysalis. In a last valiant act, Princess Celestia and her sister Princess Luna used the most powerful artifacts they had, the Elements of Harmony, to seal her and her army away.

But in doing so, they fell into a deep sleep that lasted long enough for Equestria to fade from history.

Flash forward to 2018 and five ordinary teenage outcasts decide to explore the ruins of an old castle on the outskirts of Canterlot City.

After finding five strange crystals hidden within, their lives and destinies are forever changed.

Now with the help of two magical princesses and a tech-savvy teen these five will become the last line of defense against the return of Queen Chrysalis and her insect army.

They are, the Power Rangers: Harmony Force.

"Harmony's Defenders! STAND TOGETHER!"

Chapters (1)

"NSS Cyberaid, the most advanced space station built by Nanotrasen, it has state of the art tech, rumored to even have an experimental A.I . Nanotrasen, not wanting to lose such an advanced station spared no expense in security, with laser rifles, endless surveillance cameras and security borgs, trying to get in this station without getting caught was impossible." Or so they thought.

"Emergency, code RED, escape shuttle will arrive in 1 hour, there have been multiple confirmed encounters with cultists, goodluck crew."

Hello, if you are wondering what the hell this is, it's a Space Station 13 crossover, but you won't need to know what that is, as I will explain stuff.
(For anyone who actually bothers to read backstory of SS13, it's the Paradise station lore)
If you play ss13, then know that this fic won't be as silly, not that i don't want to write a fic like that, but it's that i am shit at jokes.
I do not own both the cover art or SS13.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane

Based on the Super Cafe series and centered around the Spiders and Magic series.

A short collection of what-if scenarios had everyone practiced hindsight, foresight, and common sense to prevent some of the biggest plot-holes in the Spiders and Magic series. Might be expanded upon, depending on the feedback and requests.

Cover Art done by woogiegirl (Woogs)

Thank you, XangelMusic, Lord Lycaon, Regreme, and Darth Cygnus for editing!

Chapters (1)

Fandom is a human who spends most of his time playing video games, watching anime, or surfing the web. But when he finds a suspicious cartridge in his trash, he makes the best (or worst) mistake of his life. He soon finds himself in the world of his favorite game series, Super Smash Brothers, or so he thought. Now in RPG version of Smash bros, Fandom must work his way through the dystopian world of Ingress, to help his favorite anime and video games characters stand up to the destructive tyrant, Origin and his Subspace Empire.

Characters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will appear.
Super Smash Bros belongs to Nintendo
MLP belongs to Hasbro
All other franchises belongs to rightful owners
Story by me.

Chapters (4)

Sunset takes a trip to Peach Creek for the summer. That's pretty much it.

Rated Teen for a few dating scenes. I could've probably gotten away without it, but the kids of the Cul-de-sac are in high school.

MON14AUG2018: I was reading a few creepypastas, and I decided to incorporate them into the story. I don't go into much detail because I don't want it dark. It's just going to be brief stuff (Dodgeball accident, got sick, etc).

Chapters (2)

When a group of arms-dealing mercenaries packing outlawed tech moves into Neo-Gotham, Batman Beyond, or Terry McGinnis, moves to put them out of business.

He didn't expect to be brought to a parallel world known as Equestria through a mishap with an experimental translocator. And it seems that wherever Terry McGinnis goes, trouble soon follows him.
Twilight Sparkle, newly crowned Princess of Equestria, expected it to be an average day in Ponyville. She didn't expect her and the Elements to be kidnapped by Diamond Dogs. However, they are rescued by a mysterious figure, a human, who calls himself a name Twilight and Equestria will remember forever.

...Batman Beyond.
Batman Beyond Crossover, will have swearing and slight gore.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to EoH Evolution: Season 3

During a visit to the Crystal Empire, Twilight's crown is stolen and the thief escapes through a mirror to another world. One devoid of magic. And thanks to this thief, that just might change very soon. However, Twilight is not alone in her mission. Castalot High will soon receive heroes of its own. For with the arrival of magic, the advent has been re-invoked. HENSHIN!

Chapters (6)

Alternate (and shorter version) of my previous fic, Pony Art Online. The adventures of Yui, Asuna and Kirito in Equestria.

After the death of Yuuki Kono, Asuna Yuuki knows she needs a break from ALO. She convinces her boyfriend, Kazuto Kirigaya, to try another game for a while.
They connect to a new game, called ‘Legends of Equestria’, but it seems to be much more than a game.

Chapters (3)

An omnipotent bring visits a land of tiny horses, and makes some adjustments to destiny.

In A Bored God, apprentice deity Rijalis is trapped on Earth for an eternity. Here, he goes to Equestria instead, and addresses some problems that the world's own creator had with making destiny run as she wanted. Even with omnipotence, things can get a little difficult for someone who isn't used to being a pony.

Chapters (1)
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