What happens when Sugarcube Corner gets one jazzy bear for a customer? An impromptu duet between him and a pink party pony, of course!

Obviously, featuring the lovable character of Baloo from Disney's animated feature film: The Jungle Book

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Twilight Sparkle of the human world has created the first ever Artificial Intelligence program that can learn and further evolve. She has also uploaded that program into an already highly advanced robot, creating the perfect protector of peace. However, things eventually go awry as the AI's view of protecting the peace clashes with that of Twilight and her friends. Now, they must race against time and save every organic being on the planet from the rage of ULTRON.

1) Ultron is a Marvel Comics character created by the writer Roy Thomas and the artist John Buscema, and is owned by Disney.
2) The story takes place between Forgotten Friendship and Rollercoaster of Friendship.

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Hasbro moves Friendship is Magic to a new network. So does Krusty the Clown. After being exposed to MLP, the Simpsons are offended by all of it. After using Professor Frink's dimensional transporter, Homer and Bart travel to Equestria, with Maggie in tow. Hilarity ensues.

Rated Teen for violence, blood, and mild profanity.

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Family Disclosure Protocol: Revision 90

Jeremiah Cimmerian, Phillip Foster, Jeffery Jacobs, Green Spoon, Moondancer

Abstract: Humans and Ponies, by our very nature, are social creatures. We gather, we find partners, and we form families. This is no less true for members of the Foundation than it is for any other group. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our work, such relationships create the potentials for massive breaches of security, and in several cases, have required the use of amnestics. By granting the loved ones of specific Foundation personnel a special class of Level 0 clearance, not only does one decrease what could be considered a potential security breach, but also reduces amnestic use, and in many cases, helps alleviate the stress and physical/mental strain constant deception of loved ones has upon Foundation personnel…

Twilight has been working for the Foundation for several years now, ever since she rose to become Celestia's personal student and turned 18, she has been working with the Foundation.
But now, after all the adventures she and her friends and family and gone through, all the tears and laughs, they still do not know of her affliction with the Foundation, or that the Foundation even existed.

After witnessing how Dr. Deep Study's daughter denounced her father as a workaholic who never pays attention to her and loves working more than her, even though he died preventing a ZK-End-of-Reality Scenario, Twilight has decided it was time to activate FD90, and reveal to her freinds and family...what she does in the dark.

Crossover with the SCP Foundation.
Inspired by this Tale

Second Story, tell me how it is, constructive criticism is encouraged and needed.

Rated Teen for mention of Death, mentions of things that are deadly and disgusting.
Basically everything the Foundation does that's not 18+ and I'm gonna mention it in this story.

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Sunset Shimmer left Equestria through the Mirror Portal when she was ten years old in search of the destiny Celestia sought to deny her. But upon entering the world of Remnant as a Pony Faunus, instead of glory and power she found nothing but darkness, racism, and division. After a string of events caused her to open her eyes and realize the error of her ways, she decides to dedicate her life to protecting those who can't protect themselves, as a Huntress.

Twilight Sparkle wakes up in Remnant as a Pony Faunus after she completes Starswirl the Bearded's unfinished spell and... Honestly he doesn't remember. After meeting Sunset Shimmer, she discovers that the Mirror Portal Sunset used to get to Remnant won't open for quite some time. But after seeing the situation the people of this world are going through she decides to help them fight the darkness, and join's Sunset in becoming a Huntress.

Flash Sentry had his life torn apart twice; once when he was five when the Grimm slaughtered his family. The second when the White Fang nearly murdered him for trying to be a hero. They even went so far as to take away his wings and break his spine. Barely surviving and being put back together using experimental technology, he began training himself to fight and become a Huntsman.

Logan Timbers is a Wolf Faunus, a lonely orphan wandering across Remnant looking for his family. This journey has led him across several continents and through several villages that had been ravaged by Grimm. After saving a young girl, an orphan like himself, Logan decides to become a Huntsman so that nobody else has to lose their family. And maybe find his own while he's at it.

All of their paths cross at Beacon Academy in Vale, and together they and two other teams are thrust onto the first part of arguably the greatest adventure they could ever imagine. A journey that shall bring them face to face with darkness the likes of which they have never encountered.

Hopefully they'll survive it.

I do not own My Little Pony or RWBY.

My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro.

RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth.

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After being rejected by those closest to her Twilight is contacted by the Gods of Light and Dark. They pity the young mare and ask her if she'd like a chance to star over in a new world. Accepting their offer Twilight steps through an old mirror and is transported to Remnant as a faunus were she is adopted by the Tai Yang, but Twilight doesn't remember her past. Years pass as she lives with her new family as she trains as a huntress to fight the Grimm and protect Remnant. Sooner or later the past will always resurface...

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This story is a sequel to Year Zero

Muffins at the End of the Universe IV

For many months Twilight Sparkle has pondered her role in the universe, while marooned in a crashed pod in the far future, eating reprocessed food and counting floor tiles to occupy her mind. Then she discovers a loophole in Equestrian colonial law, allowing her to rule over her new domain as princess, much to the annoyance of her colony's three citizens, Trixie, Derpy and Doctor Whooves.

As Twilight goes mad with power, treachery and revolution are in the air, as well as some explosive chemicals thanks to the Doctor, culminating in a finale of political intrigue involving a bubble wand and a rather dubious stick of celery.

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This story is a sequel to Titanfall: Equestria

A hundred years after the deaths of the Element of Harmony users. The Lunar Republic, Crystal Empire, and many others are in a state of war. The real start came when the New Independent Rainbow Factory created the first ever Titan. With a Consciousness, sapient creature that was capable of 'piloting the Titan. Other countries took to buying their own Titans.

Then, modifying each with their selected traits to battle against each other. The Nightmare Titan, is passed on to another Consciousness. Nightmare Von Driver died bravely in battle, after damaging the Solar Titan. His experiences were recorded in the Titan's database, how will the next user take on the legacy of the previous?

Original by Swagdaddy_69--Mojowuq9 who asked me to take on this story.

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Twilight goes to Sweet Apple Acres to go and test the cider for Cider Fest but something goes wrong and Twilight gets mind controlled.

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Persona 5 / MLP Crossover.

Her Majesty Princess Celestia, the Prideful self-styled Goddess of the Sun and mother of all sins who crossed the thin line between righteousness and self-righteousness.

You are the the ruler who hides her hunger for power behind lies and facetious benevolence while condemning an entire race to extinction.

We have decided to make you confess all your crimes with your own mouth.

We will take your distorted desires without fail.


The Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

When a huge chunk of Equestria appeared floating above Japan surrounded by a bright golden barrier, everybody panicked until Celestia appeared before them with promises of friendship and peace…

But then things changed.

The Barrier soon started growing, engulfing everything on its path and killing every human it touched while leaving behind everything else, albeit “Purified”.

Even Celestia changed, and what once were promises of camaraderie and brotherhood, became veiled threats:

“The Barrier cannot be stopped, we are sorry.”

“We cannot control it, but you can still be saved! Convert! Become a pony! Become one of us and the Barrier and the Magic of Equestria will no longer hurt you!”

But while some believed the words of this gentle mare, others felt mistrust and fought back, turning the offer of Conversion into an obligation:

Convert or Die.

All while still begging Humans to accept, even when Conversion showed dire downsides to the humans undergoing it.

But there is no longer time, if the humans can’t decide, the Ponies will decide for them: Conversion! Conversion at all cost!

And from the shadows of despair, a last spark of hope emerged!

A group of young forgotten heroes, called back in action by the Staff of the Velvet Room to enact the Greatest theft in history!

It’s time for the Phantom Thieves to return, and steal the purest hearts of them all before those too fall into Distortion!

Equestria will never see it coming.

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