Chardy Agnar, a twenty-year-old man living in Chicago during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, finds it hard to be hopeful in this depressing time. He lost his job and is hoping beyond hope that he can find a new one before his rainy day savings run out. If only he could have magic, something to make things get better, back how they used to be. Of course, such magic only exists in Chardy's favorite television show, which he is embarrassed to admit to anyone else.

Then, one day, an unexpected visitor shows up on Chardy's doorstep. And everything is about to change because of her.

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The city of Canterlot is split into 14. 13 districts and the head. When Scootaloo’s name is picked out, Sunset Shimmer volunteers. Her other tribute, Flash Sentry is chosen, her ex boyfriend. Together, they must compete against their old friends, and new friends, and find out who will live... and who will die.


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After Izuku was attacked by the sludge villain, All Might was able to apprehend him without incident. Izuku never gets One For All, and the last words he heard from All Might were "you cannot be a Hero".

Izuku finds himself torn on how to move forward, but fate had decided to intervene. After an impactful meeting with a certain Alicorn princess, Izuku finds another way forward. He just wished that path wasn't so extreme.

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Hollow Knight Crossover

A kindler is a different breed of changeling. Part of The Scarlet Hive, there is one of their kind found in every hive across the world, and in each they monitor the resources to sustain the population and judge the effectiveness of a Queen's rule.

The Badlands Hive in Equestria is slowly starving itself to death, and her Kindler voices their concerns when brought before The Queen...

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Hey. My name is Melodious Crescendo. I used to a semi plain unicorn. Now I’m an alicorn in another dimension living with Sunset Shimmer. Here’s how that happened and some more after that.

References to MANY other fics. Most of the credit goes to the Rulesverse and the Dead by Sunset stories.

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We all know Talking Tom, don’t we? Well, lemme tell you how him and his friends turned into superheroes.

From outer space, four power crystals arrive on a troubled world. They seek out four friends who are always looking to do good. The crystals give the friends incredible powers, and with the help of the mysterious Crystal Mentor, the friends become heroes.

Additional tags:
Series: Talking Tom Heroes

Tagged Phineas and Ferb bc of a bunch of ideas. But there’re no characters from there. but there are robot tree houses UwU

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A rip in space has opened in the skies above the Everfree, and something powerful has fallen through. The entire forest has been petrified by unknown magic, and the entity responsible—only seen by a few—now appears to be hiding within its garden of dead trees and monstrous statues.

With the town of Ponyville put on lockdown, and concerns of an escaped prisoner from Tartarus worrying the surrounding lands, the Elements of Harmony now rally with the Pillars of Equestria to locate and quell these threats. Little do they know they are not the only ones scouring the woods for the source of this deadly, foreign magic.

Faced with certain peril, the heroes of Equestria must save their land by stopping a match made in Tartarus: the villain, Tirek, who seeks to drain all Equestria of magic, and this avian threat, which holds the power to drain life from anything organic.

* Cover art by Jowybean!

* AU timeline where Tirek's return from Tartarus did not happen until after Starlight's redemption and the return of Equestria's Pillars. Twilight's role/castle was born from her success in reforming Stygian and reinstating Equestria's lost champions.

* Rated T for cartoon violence, mildly disturbing imagery, and allusions to death. Yveltal's powers translate to petrification rather than instant death, using the 17th Pokemon movie and relevant anime episodes as canon references.

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Summer Blaze, a bookworm kirin lived peacefully in Equestria, where creatures and pokemon live together side by side. Summer never really saw herself with a pokemon partner to be possible. However, all of that changes when she comes in possession of two young pokemon and a case filled with Legendary Pokemon artifacts that hold the fate of Equestria in the wrong hands.

Now on the run from evil forces, Summer must journey to the Mythical Legendary Tree; the rumored safe heaven for all Mythical and Legendary Pokemon where she will learn of her own destiny along the way.

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“I just wanna be left alone,”

On a regular day in ponyville, A new pony moves into town. Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal to your average pony. The town has gained increased popularity via it being the residence of the Elements of harmony.

So why is this pony so important? Well, he isn’t. Compared to everyone else, he’s just a regular pony. Rather nice, Good at what he does, and a little paranoid.

Actually, maybe he’s a bit more paranoid. Also, he always stays inside, watching the TV. And, he always wears a mask when outside. Also, why does he always carry a box cutter?

If you couldn’t tell, this was inspired by the character Brightside, by Ceramic skin studios.

I hope that I be the first one to write about this golden character.

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This story is a sequel to She Talks To Gold

Following the fight for Controlatron’s control over Nate, the Storm King now has access to the rangers’ most powerful new zord in the Grid Battleforce arsenal: The Beast-X King Zord! And Grubber, and Vargoyle have already made a Storm mind control dart to his specifications, making his plan set in motion.

At the same time, the rangers and ponies are being reintroduced to the Beast-X King Zord since their last big battle with Evox, and today’s the day they all get to see it in action! However, an old rival from Zoey and Nate’s past threatens to cause a turmoil in the plans for the new zord. If that wasn’t enough, that same new zord has already been brought to the Storm King’s control, and now the heroes are caught between a rock and a hard place to try to tame the zord back to normal.

There is hope for them, because they’ll be getting help from an unexpected source: Two of them, actually! One, a daring explorer...the other, a great and powerful showmare! And the rangers, and ponies will need all the help they can get if they want to tame the Beast-X King Zord, especially if that means having to trust an old nemesis.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Takes place after Fluttershy has collected her memories for Twilight, and before Rainbow Dash starts to gather hers.
Beast Morphers - A rewrite of the episode, “Beast King Rampage,” so most of this will probably not be canon.

I don't own anything. MLP & Power Rangers are both owned by Hasbro.

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