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Perfection? I don't want that, because that would mean stopping, standing still, instead of improving.


Demon War Update · 8:25pm September 12th

To all who are interested, the next four stories of the Demon War Saga are as follows:

Ratchet and Clank: Family of Heroes, staring Starswirl and Autumn Blaze
Monster Hunter World: Magic and Monsters, where Grogar ended up
Bleach: The Unusual Soul, with Pinkie Pie joining Ichigo and friends
Demon Slayer: The Strange Demon, staring Pinkamena

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3025786 Thanks. I usually play single player games, but I've tackled a few multiplayer games (like WoW, both Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance games, both Champions of Norrath games for the PS2, Gauntlet Dark Legacy, and one or two others whose names escape me right now).

Fair enough. Side-note, you have excellent taste in video games.

3025645 I have considered both as potential ideas, though sadly my experience with those words is limited at best, as I've only played two Final Fantasy games (those being X and X-2), while I've only played four Zelda games (Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Breath of the Wild, and my personal favorite, Twilight Princess).

Have you ever considered doing Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy? I feel like they would be fun to work with, especially FF XIV.

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