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As of this morning I have posted a new story, a crossover with Sly Cooper, that will be replacing the now completed Daughters of Destruction story in the time that I would normally update the other story in. Come and follow Derpy and Gilda's journey as they help their brother recover the Thievius Raccoonus, tackle the Fiendish Five, and do so much more.

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2583795 It's fine. I held nothing against you. And don't worry about Rainbow... things will, well, change when I get to the Tournament of Power finale story.

Well, I'm back. I suppose it was somewhat immature of me to swear off all your stories due to a disagreement in one of them (although in retrospect, making Applejack a God of Creation was a brilliant move), and your WoW x-over is one I'm particularly interested in. I'm still peeved about RD not getting the GoD position she deserved (unless things changed in chapters after Dash and AJ returned to Equestria, but they're your stories, your choices.

Until next time.

2583195 DBS's last episode at least confirmed a few things for me, for when I get to my finale story.

Hey blackdrag. I have been reading your daughters of destruction. Just finished that last chapter and I find that to be the best one I've read, and let me tell you. I have read quite a few good books. They come real close but I found this to be my personal favorite. I will read the rest of this series and will gladly read any other books involving this series and any other series you make. Keep writing and have fun. Man that ending was so trash. LOL

2524767 The crossover stories, my more recent ones, all share the same universe. They start with the Sunset's Adventure in Skyrim, which then diverges into several stories; Starlight of Solana, WoW: The Ties that Bind, DBZ: Daughters of Destruction, Children of Eco, and the more recent addition, Dark Souls: Rarity's Trials.

Considering that you aren't the first to mention this... maybe I should post a blog about this crossover universe.

  • Viewing 67 - 71 of 71
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