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Demon War Saga · 1:19pm September 18th

To anyone that is interested, here is the list of stories and the displaced for the new series that I will be writing for the Demon War series:
Spike and Ember in the Spyro series
Tirek in the world of Dark Souls 3
Flurry Heart, Autumn Blaze, and Chrysalis are in DBZ
Tempest was sent to Naruto's world
Luna is in Diablo 3
Sombra in the Dead Space games
Sunset Shimmer is in One Piece
A new Skyrim story with two oc Changelings
The Dazzlings are in the Ratchet and Clank series

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2944308 Oh, Frieza. I didn't give them a name, since canon doesn't give them one, though parts of the fandom either call them 'frost demons', due to the chilly naming scheme, or just Frieza Race.

Dang it. I meant to type "Frieza's Race". Stupid autocorrect.

2944205 Friday's race? I'm not following...

What did you call Friday's race again? I can't remember it lol

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