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    Any reason your username on this page is lined through?

    2429220 I will be waiting with bated breath to see this idea come into fruition. With the skill you have integrated the various displaced ponies into their worlds, I have no doubt it will be a master stroke of your storytelling. Does it have anything to do with a certain Chaos god perhaps? Did he actually use his powers to PRESERVE harmony, of his own choice? That would be a twist no one in Equestria or beyond could predict.

    2429213 1) Yes, I guess Orvus could classify as the Kai of Time, but he's getting old and is in need of an heir (which is sort of explained in the Time game that follows Tools). There's a certain pony that could take over said role, but I won't go into details.
    2) Yeah, the Cores are basically the Elements... everyone kind of figured that out after the first two were introduced. My bad for not being better at that part.
    3) Don't worry, I actually have an idea that will allow the canon show to continue without being derailed.
    4) Solana and Equus are in U13 (universe 13 if you will), but consider your statement about time displacement... like I said in the third part, I actually have an idea that could fix everything.

    2429110 I retract my earlier statement on having figured out an explanation, which basically stated that Ratchet and Clank took place outside of Universe 13, Red from tools proved me wrong, but opened some new questions.
    1: Isn't Orvus' job basically that of the Supreme Kai of Time? If so, then the explanation/exposition on Universe 13 in the first chapter of DBZ crossover may clash with that point.
    2: The thing with the Raritanium Cores and Max Apogee will need to be explained, since they are HEAVILY representative of the Elements, and could very well be the elements themselves.
    3: Piggybacking off of the previous question: How did the Cores/Elements BEING TAKEN OFF OF EQUUS BEFORE NIGHTMARE MOON RETURNED as it is implied happened, still allow the timeline of the canon show to occur?
    And 4, which in my opinion will need to be addressed in a delicate and careful manner: My previous comment made on the timeline placement for a certain event in Deadlocked in relation to the DBZ timeline. I will not repost the question, as that would require reposting the entire comment.

    2429098 :rainbowhuh: Y... you did? Well then, I'll be sure to take a peek at it later and see what you guys came up with... I'm sure it will be one heck of a theory.

    • Viewing 61 - 65 of 65
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