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Perfection? I don't want that, because that would mean stopping, standing still, instead of improving.


New Story · 1:28pm May 21st

To anyone that is interested, I have written and posted a brand new story, involving Spike and Ember this time around.

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i gotta say thank you cuz my most favorite way to read.......is to read series and i know that you said that we could read the multiverse 13 series in any order, but can you please tell me (and that means anyone) in what order it would be the best way to read the series at least what order you would think would be the best order......you dont have to answer me cuz ill just read them if you really mean that it doesnt matter what order that they are read in

Thanks for the fav!

I know I just joined, but I already have a request, okay? , sorry if I can not do one for a reason or another that I do not know
but here it goes

hey, do you know anyone who can adopt and continue this story? or restarts it?
as you can see in Chapter 12, the author put it to adoption
and the story is very good (I suggest you read and really good, this was put into adoption two days ago)
so if you know someone who thinks you can continue this story at good potential, or make a rebound,
or maybe yourself, do not hesitate to ask or try ok?
ah yes, do not forget to communicate to the author horiginal, in case you are adopting it ok?


2748831 Oh, they're not tied to the Universe 13 series. That series ended with the Fate of the Multiverse story. I plan on having a few more displaced stories after Spyro's story, so a new series is starting to form, with different reasons for displacement.

  • Viewing 174 - 178 of 178
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