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State of the Wilyverse · 10:27am Dec 1st, 2017

Hi guys!

Just a little update on the Wilyverse. Today, my co-author Zervon Tora and I released the 15th chapter of Wildfire 4: The Heart of the Flame. There won't be an update on the 8th because we are both taking a couple of months off to do Christmas and New Year things, Real Life things with family.

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Just popping by to let you know that I've updated. Twice since you asked actually.

Ah, I c u changed ur profile pic. Nice. 👍

Greetings, my dear reader. I was simply wondering how interested you would be in my newest story, Anthology. If you don't like it, that's completely fine, all I ask is you give it a look and a chance.

Have a good day. :twilightsmile:

-Timeless Celestial, formerly BlueMoon865

Hello there. I just finished reading all installments of the Wiley verse. I must say very entertaining and has open me up to some new ideas in writing. I do ask one question though. What the herd members on the open mic nights. Have you ever thought of having serenity saying S&M by Rihanna? I was just curious.

hello. long time no see.

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