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One day while walking through the Everfree Forest, Twilight Sparkle stumbles upon a strange device known as a television. She brings it back to her castle and she and her friends begin to run tests on it to find out more information about the device. Little did they know that this would be the start of many glorious adventures in the cinematic world.

Now Twilight and friends find themselves on a quest that they never would have expected. They must travel to many different worlds brought to us by some of the greatest movies in cinematic history. They will meet many new friends, many new and old enemies, and once more save their world and many others.

There is a forum not this group where you can make suggestions for future stories.

No Disney movies
All stories must be approved
Everyone is treated equally

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It’s official folks, Joe Biden is now our new president!!!! Goodbye Trump!!!!!

Hey everyone just wanna let you all know that it’s my Birthday today! As of January 8 I am now 19!

So sorry to hear that. Hope he recovers quickly!:scootangel:

My 5 year old little brother just tested positive for Covid.😢

Oh, im sorry to hear that.
Well, For what it was worth, his commentaries were pretty amazing!

Comment posted by kittycat5499 deleted Nov 26th, 2020
Comment posted by kittycat5499 deleted Nov 20th, 2020
Comment posted by kittycat5499 deleted Nov 20th, 2020

It depends on the movie that can best incorporate the use of the Student Six. And whether or not Mr. Enigma and I can find just the feature film for their services. Otherwise, with all the projects we've already planned in advance, we'll need the additional time to consider the proposal.

Mind if I make a suggestion? Could there be a cinematic adventure with the student six involved? I really want to see that!

By order of Mr. Extremeenigma02 himself:

Toonwriter has been demoted from his position as 'Administrator' and 'commentator' for the series due to frequent absentees and miniscule work during a previous job. Also by his command, Toonwriter has been booted from the group and Mr. Phantom-Dragon will serve as our new member of the administration team.

Mr. Enigma has spoken.

We'd have to 'hire' you to be on our team. There's a few propagandas, a couple quid-pro-quos we'd have to go over with you. And you ABSOLUTELY cannot do a story that is anything 'Cinematic' related not without our permission.

So if we wanted to do our own Cinematic Adventures, could we do that?

Enigma is doing Star Wars starting with A New Hope.

Out of those 2, lego movie all the way. Teen Titans nowadays is stupidity at its worst.

2nd suggestion (not Disney, I promise!): Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. Cause the movie does put emphasis on Friendship. As for who could tag along...maybe Vinyl and Octavia, if not for it being a musical and about movies.

Or The LEGO Movies. Like cause the second film directly follows the first

NO Disney movies allowed in the 'Cinematic Adventures'!

Apparently someone didn't get the memo.

Okay, so I’m not sure if his counts as Disney but Phineas and Ferb. Both movies. I mean, they ARE musicals

  • Viewing 84 - 103 of 103
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