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Thanks for the invite.

Hi Tim Ribbert, thanks you for the invitation.

Well hello, Mrs. Runnerhoof! Welcome to the team! As you can see, we've already had two stories done for the series and we're just working on a third one. We understand you're a 'huge' fan of dinosaurs and robot combat stuff, but we are jumping back and forth on some ideas centered on those.

If you like, we have a film request forum where you can post shoutouts of which movies we could consider. I would advice one at a time per post, if you'd please.

I have joined! Thanks for the invite!

What is there to be said, Mr. Ribbert? Folks like what we're doing with this series and all the chances it's taking, doing things most folks wouldn't have the guts to do.

Umm...what can we say? He got the ball rolling, and you have joined the avalanche!

It's took a year for Disney chronicles to get this many members this only took a few months

and you're surprised by that how???

we got so many members in just a few months

We have a request forum if you like to put a suggestion

I would very much love to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as the next Cinematic Adventure. It’s one of my favorite movies.

Comment posted by Dramamaster829 deleted January 10th

It's quite all right, Mr. Ribbert. You pose no trouble for your mistake... Unlike some people who I might have to consider putting up for 'firing'. I'm still jumping back and forth on that.

Slip of the tongue

They are not 'my' stories first of all, Mr. Ribbert.

They are Double E's stories and his alone. I'm merely just the editor making sure they come out as clean as possible and with minimal grammar errors (Though some may pop up now and then).

Well that people liking your stories for you

Boy this group sure has been increasing as of late. Word sure gets around rather quickly.

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