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This story is a sequel to Cinematic Adventures: The Phantom Of The Opera

Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo all want to be biggest and best adventurers that Equestria has ever seen. The only problem is that everypony thinks that they are only children who aren't cable of big things. They want to prove to everypony that they can do anything and in order to do that, they accompany the Mane Six on their latest adventure to the underwater city of Bikini Bottom. It is here they meet Spongebob Squarepants and accompany him on a mission to retrieve King Neptunes stolen crown.

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Oh wow, was not expecting this. But I look forward to reading it. :)

Though, have you ever considered anything with Looney Tunes? Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Looney Tunes Back in Action come to mind.

Just putting the possibilities out there.

That’s so cool! So loving it already!

A very nice first chapter. Honestly I don't really care for Spongebob but this looks interesting, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

I know that I should probably wait for the commentary made by Toonwriter or Phantom-Dragon, whichever comes first, but I can't help but think this'll be what happens...

Twilight nodded as she sparked up her horn with her magic and shot a beam of light into an open area of water. In doing so, it created a swirling portal of color and light. The group of the Mane Six, Spike, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders all stared at it before they slowly entered into it one by one. No pony knew exactly where this new journey would take them. All they knew was that where ever they were going, adventure awaits.

(Unknown to anybody back in Ponyville, inside Twilight's castle, a familiar television had turned on. What turned it on, nobody was sure. Nobody was near the television, but it still activated all the same. But one thing was for sure... a certain draconequus had suddenly appeared and noticed as he gave a grin)

Discord: Oh Starlight! Call up some friends and get over here! (turns to the TV) I think Twilight and her friends are in for another movie event...

First of all, great start!
CMC's are joining this time!
For the first time, the TV is not the gateway to this adventure. Way to twist!

My only question is, is this story set before or after "Surf and/or Turf"?
In that episode it was revealed that the Pearl had been broken into tiny fragments and been distributed to every seapony/hippogriff. In that case, stealing the 'whole' pearl would have been rather hard to do.

Good opening. Although I'm assuming things took a different turn with the pearl? I mean didn't they break the pearl up into shards for every hippogriff or seapony to wear so they could come and go between places?


Perhaps they were somehow able to reconstruct it. I know that I needed the pearl to be in this story for a specific reason

Nice, however there is something I wanna point out though

wasn't it said in Season 8 that the pearl was broken into multiple pieces for all of the Hippogriffs to use outside of Seaquestria and Mount Eris?

Sure is great for Fimfiction to be up and running again.

Or maybe Novo had a secret backup pearl that nopony knows about.:pinkiehappy:

It's not often that the ponies get to have a beach day together, after all the craziness they went through. But there seems to be no rest for the weary when it turns out there's trouble afoot in Equestria… Or in this case, 'Seaquestria'. Turns out that the Seaponies' Pearl has gotten stolen and this time it's not because of Twilight Sparkle...

Offscreen: Will you PLEASE let that go already?! I said I was sorry!!!

*Clears throat* Now I know what everyone is thinking. How could the pearl be intact if it was broken into shards so that each member could carry the shard individually. But then we have to bear in mind just how 'big' this Pearl really is and whether it is still possible for it to get fixed. But that's not the big issue right now.

Because it turns out 'Cozy Glow', one of the three villains who escaped captivity thanks to the mysterious Benefactor 'somehow' infiltrated Queen Novo's palace, bypassed the security, stole the Pearl, and fled to Celestia knows where. What she'd want with the Pearl is beyond me? But as they say, only ill will can come when that precious artifact falls in evil hooves (Just as Novo feared would happen).

I for one just can't wait for when Mr. Enigma and I show you what we have planned next.

'Roger Rabbit' is 'Disney Chronicles' material 'only'. Even under the circumstance of that series. It's been planned since Day One.

We haven't quite gotten onto the actual production itself, but we can't wait to show you all what we've got.

Well ok guess we’ll find out later

We knew going in that not everyone are big 'SpongeBob' fans. I for one can't say I'm a fan of the series myself. But I AM a fan of strong storytelling and there's a lot of ground we want to cover when it comes to this movie. Especially with our own interpretation.

Yeah... This might happen. But you should really ask them first.

Yeah, we knew that would come up... How the pearl got reassembled? Well, even we don't know. But we're just making it up as it goes.

True. Which is why I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. I would love to see Pinkie and Patrick interacting though...I know enough about the show to know Pinkie could probably be compared to both Spongebob and Patrick.

Yeah it was kind of long overdo to have guest stars like the CMC take part in this series. Instead of just being in the background as just a band of spectators. We figured this would be the perfect movie for them to be featured for the series.

Patchy the Pirate presents....

Well Pinkie does have that excitable energy as those two Goofy Goobers.

Offscreen: We're best friends and this is the friends dance!
We're best friends and this is the friends dance...

SHUT UP!!! *Clears throat* I am so sorry about that.

It's fine. I can only imagine Twilight trying to come up with the logic for why a sponge and starfish are sapient and how a squirrel can live at the bottom of the sea.

I'm sure she's just going to get a splitting migraine. Sometimes, I don't know what's going on.

Yeah...doesn't the theme song mention something about nonsense, so it's telling the viewer not to read into it too deeply? Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next for these guys.

Oh well, I’ll be watching that series for it then.

Still, I look forward to where else this series goes.😁

Time to go under the sea.

Patchy the pirate: "Did somebody say a Spongebob crossover? I am Patchy the Pirate, Spongebob's number one fan, and I'm going to watch this Cinematic Adventure feature of Spongebob Squarepants...and uh, the little ponies and dragon who are the guest stars."

Security Guard: "Hey, excuse me, sir? No pirates are allowed here. So please leave before there's trouble."

Patchy the pirate: "No! I'm not leaving 'til I see Spongebob! Hmmph!"

Security Guard: "You've got to the count of three to get your booty out, before we throw you out!"

Patchy the pirate: "I be a victim of pirate discriminations! Pirate lives matters! Yo-ho! We won't go! But I'll be back! I'll be back!"

Toonwriter and Rezurection Tim can do the other casts of MLP and Discord.

I think I'll be making commentaries of Patchy the pirate.

All right! The next adventure has started!

So Cozy Glow is the main villain in this one, is she? Well, she's gonna pay for stealing the pearl! 😠

Keep going!


French Narrator: "aaaaaah,...Bonjour, Salut,.. and Welcome to this quiet beach corner of a Magical Land called Equestria,...teeming with all the many kinds of,...well,....Equestrian life. And it is here we will find the galloping habitat known as....PonyVille. Let us Observe now as the Sun hits it's boiling point on a new beautiful summer day where a calm, gentle breeze whisked through the air and the cool blue ocean waves crashed against the shore of the beach. Here, we see an ordinary cluster of washed up Seaweed. And Here,............a rare sighting of a Conch Shell. and HERE,....a Group of Ponies and a Dragon on Beach Towels!
But These Group of friends have Saved their homeworld and as well as other worlds countless times that they have earned the famous seaname:
Equestriana Sixtualius with Dragonexsus.........AKA......

i like to image that the French Narrator started the story like this or some other sorta same way to start the tone of the adventure!

Okay, the Spongebob narrator commentary you made, NAILED IT!


Start at 0:36 and stop at 2:47

I was actually wondering about Who Framed Roger Rabbit as a potential cinematic adventure too.

Brilliant idea! I do commentary with the characters, you do the French Narrator! :raritywink:

Good Beetlejuice reference there Toon. Can't wait to read your commentary with an audience reaction to this movie.

Also I was wondering have you ever done a commentary for Spike and Celestia when they were watch Scooby Doo movie?

No. I'm doing Patchy the Pirate's commentaries. Hungry Hero in the comments below is the French Narrator.

“Rarity, we’re not little fillies anymore,” Sweetie argued.

Uh. Yeah, you are. Not to mention the main characters are a meter taller than you.

The puppy dog eyes from three adorable little fillies, works every time.

I heard that either you or someone else who helps make these seen "the last unicorn" as the movie was very dear to my heart and my first love as child I was wondering if there are any plans for it?

You know I honestly didn't think that the Cinematic Adventures would do an animated movie. So far it had been live action movies. This really took me by surprise.

I especially like that one song 'Patchy the Pirate' did before the second half of the musical starts. They even had a guy dressed as a 'Pittsburgh Pirate'. That was funny.

She was bound to play a role in this series eventually. We already had Chrysalis have a turn, might as well see what Cozy can do.

I love the French Narrator! Who'd have thought that the same guy who voiced him was also SpongeBob? Then again, Tom Kenny is versatile. Especially the parts when he makes live action cameos whether as Patchy the Pirate or as himself in some form.

Surprisingly it 'is' the first animated feature we decided to do for the series. But then again, we wanted it to be something a bit unexpected in some form and I truly think we're going to have fun with this project.

By the way, I don't know if you know noticed, but the fourth wall with you guys talk isn't in Italic, like this and some of the paragraphs are spaced out a little far by two spaces, but overall, a good start to one my favorite cartoon movies when I was kid. Can't wait for more!

So any chance for a Christmas special movie? I happen to know of a very good Christmas animated movie called The Nutcracker Prince. You can watch the whole thing on YouTube. If you and double EE would interested in it for December.

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