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MLP FiM remaining villains · 11:44pm Wednesday

With Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow together forever as a little family of evil, and the Dazzlings still.....in business, just thought I'd put together a list of villains who are still alive, and still on the run, for future stories. Maybe the Mare-Do-Well would like to tangle with them.

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As far as your notes on which stories have gotten the most attention thus far, even the one where the views are significantly small, let us not forget that it's only the first few weeks or so and numbers gradually change over time. Although, it wouldn't be too big a surprise that 'The Power Princesses' would get the most views at this moment. After all, a challenge was made to take a plot that another user threw out and then left all the creative liberty in your hands. The story hasn't gotten into the 'meat and potatoes' of what the project still has to offer, but it's got a nice fresh opening to set the stage as to what you are going for.

As for the Mare-Do-Well project, I've seen the potential of what the series can offer as we're learning bits and pieces of 'whom' our mysterious hero is (At least in your version). I will admit I didn't expect the 'autobiography' approach to this subject at hand but it does help to peak into the mind frame of our protagonist without giving away details of who she looks like without the mask and costume. Nevertheless, I still see the potential of what this story can offer and give it more time I'm sure more and more views will eventually come up. The trick is figuring out how to separate this Mare-Do-Well story from all the others that came before.

Thanks for the add

So how are things?

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