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Camp Spike Everfree – Wheel Decide · 4:35am February 27th

6 Girls. 6 Camp Activities. How to choose? Or how to decide?

  1. On the first wheel, you need to spin it six times. Each time it lands on one of our heroine's name, then they're removed from the wheel.
  2. The same rule also applies on the second wheel.
  3. The order of every girl's names will correspond to the camp activities in the same order.

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Hey. Do you think Spike will ever get to have sex with the She-Beasts and Reverse Hybrids? Maybe even give them a children to bear?

That way, he can be cured from his fear of women and then, he'll have a better and yet, wonderful life. I was just wondering.

Me too...

Though, some of his now deleted stories can be found at Fimfetch if you still ever want to read them.


I know. Wildcard told me about it before. I really liked those stories.

Hey Phantom, I'm not sure if you know this yet, but WinterSoldier deleted all of his stories. Apparently, he did this a couple months ago.

Yes you definitely need to do that.

  • Viewing 385 - 389 of 389
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