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The Total Solar Eclipse · 3:49pm April 8th

Hello everyone!

Wherever you are, get your sunglasses and shades ready! Because here in the USA, we’re going to witness a very rare and a once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse! And in the Year of the Dragon!

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Hey, Phantom! Meet me in the latest DM I sent you. Maybe you can help me in some way.

Maybe, but idk if Dramamaster will let a miniseries into the series.


Hey, how about the Mane Six, The young six, Spike and Gabby, and the CMC get sucked into the 1999 miniseries Noah’s Ark? The one featuring Jon Vight.

Hey Phantom-Dragon, maybe you can do a Cinematic Adventures collab with me! Name’s zooloverryan. Just joined a couple of days ago and just posted a crossover of Equestria Girls and Prehistoric Park. Watch the series, it’s amazing and stars wildlife adventurer Nigel Marven! Maybe instead of the Mane Six or their friends traveling to this universe, they decide to stay and watch with the others. Do that sounds cool or what?!

  • Viewing 398 - 402 of 402
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