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An Asian-American brony who is a fan of Spike, Discord, and Jackie Chan.


The Character Medusa · 4:41am February 16th

When working on my revival of Sony Picture Animation's Medusa, I was on square one. Obviously, I wasn’t there during this pitch, and Lauren Faust herself never disclosed any details about her original concept to anyone.

So, the trick is how to make Medusa a relatable character and put her in a more positive light?

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I want to be unblocked. Mr. Enigma and Dramamaster should know something: I'm reminding myself of Stygian back when he became the Pony of Shadows. Also, I wish to delete the Drama comments, but because I've been blocked, I can't do it.

I'll remove the drama scenes, maybe even including Toonwriter sadly leaving and that "Find a Way" song sequence.

Yes. I want back into the staff and commentary. No more drama.

You can still comment on the Cinematic Adventures, but these dislike, angry outbursts, and petty squabbles between you and Drama must stop!

Mr. E wrote the CA stories for the purpose of entertainment. Not a battlefield of disagreements. Do I make myself clear?

Ok. This thing has got to stop. I get it you want to do commentary things again, and I know you don't like getting dislikes on your comments and you're accusing Drama for it. But can you PLEASE leave me out of it, or make such a fuss about everything?

If we let you back into the Cinematic Adventures again, then you've got stop overreacting if you see a dislike mark on your comments. They don't mean anything. Just ignore them.

And above all, don't get on Drama's bad side again and leave him alone!

  • Viewing 259 - 263 of 263
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