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A Lesson Learned: My Take on the Season 8 Finale- School Raze · 10:08pm Saturday

Honestly, I think we can take a lot from this two-part episode. While I can admit there were some weak points regarding the story angle, I am glad for the build-up that started back in the episode, Marks for Effort where Cozy was first introduced, I knew something wasn't right with her and I was wondering where the writers were going with her (My money was on that she was a spy for Neighsay). Then by the time What Lies Beneath came she started to show her true colors more and we were left with

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When I get the chance to.

How soon can we please see an update of Heart of Gold??

Sometime after the US airing of the Season 8 finale and the Hearth's Warming special.

Will you make Kung Fu Dragon 3?

Thanks for the fave of A Story of Love (Among Others) :twilightsmile:

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