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My First Ever Book! · 4:34am July 24th

Hey everyone I just want to spread the news that I have digitally published my first book on Amazon.com! It's called The Prince in Disguise: The Mysterious Doll. It's the first story of a fairytale series I created. And yes, I used my real name below the title so if you are going to check out my book, all I ask is that you refrain from using my name on this site, please and thank you. So yeah, I'm very excited to see how things will turn out and I hope you will read my story and I

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Senpai noticed me....👻

You’re welcome. I can’t thank you enough.

AWWWW! Thank you! That means so much to me! :pinkiesad2: As a writer hearing that from a reader like you who loves the RCF series is the biggest compliment in the world, thank you so much for your support and I hope to hear from you in future!

I got on this website because, in 2015 after watching Disneyfanatic's Daughter of Discord series on youtube, I decided to go search up some Screwball fanfics on Fanfiction.net. And it ended up being your story. Then in one of the AN's at the end of a chapter you mentioned that you were working on The Midnight Dance. Since I was done reading all the chapters on the fic i decided to check it out. And boy was I glad that I did. I love series that go far enough that the main characters have children. In this case, far enough being the next book. Naruto did it but Boruto is ass. And in this particular series, the children have children. This is like my dream come true. And I really liked Crown of Winter since it was the first story we got to see the kids as adults. I really appreciate that you made such a good series, and it was my starter series. I would have followed you back then but I only managed to get an account this year. And the first thing I did with it was follow you. Though, over the years my memories of the series is kinda foggy, so I'm gonna read all over again. I only remember bits and pieces so I'll be reading it like it's my first time, and I'm looking forward to that. Also, th Royal Canterlot Family is my favorite MLP family.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for favoriting "A Year of Us"!

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