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They were friends as foals! and though they've lost connected They still have feelings for one another!

Any way this group is for the shipping of two friends Sunburst and starlight glimmer!

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Hey, I added a story to the foal stories section. By foal stories, does that mean Starburst offspring, or starburst as kids themselves?

*distant shipping screeches*

Comment posted by LunarGalaxy89 deleted Feb 11th, 2019
Comment posted by LunarGalaxy89 deleted Feb 11th, 2019

Starburst forever:heart::pinkiehappy:

If Pinkie Pie heard someone say Starburst in regards to the pairing, she'd probably say something like "Ooh! That sounds like a great name for a tasty new candy! I'll have to tell Bon Bon!"

Go shippers! To your keyboards!

I love how we dont even know this guys character :rainbowlaugh:

A ship that's named after my favorite candy along with being a ship I like! SIGN ME UP!

The photo in the group description is stupidly cute :rainbowkiss:

It certainly seemed to have fuel for a ship.

I'm a sucker for childhood romance stories, that's one of the reasons I jumped on the FlutterDash wagon. I'm in!

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