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Hello fellow DisneyFanatic23 fans! Basically, I noticed that their wasn't a fan-group about DF, so I decided to make one, with DF's permission of course!

In this group, we centre around DF's stories, art, and anything else like that! As long as they are set in Disney's universe or have characters that she made in them (with her permission) you're allowed to post it here!

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So she's not making another story because of the audio series?
Sounds sensible because audios are hard work


I'm almost 12, so you're definitely not alone.

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That is indeed enraging. The fact that some people are so set on getting their way that they ignore the feelings of those who created the very masterpieces that inspired them! :facehoof:

You know what would be awesome? If those people would instead ask permission to do it themselves!! :flutterrage:

But, now she's working on that, and there's nothing I can do about it. :ajbemused:

Pardon my language, but these people get me really peeved.

I'm not against the audio series, I actually enjoy it! But when someone says they're not going to do something...

Don't make them do it!

The only time this would be good is if it was a life-or-death situation, and another audio series is anything but that.

MixMassBasher: Anyone excited for the Daughter of Discord Audio Series?
Can't wait to see it! :twilightsmile:

THIS IS JUST GREAT!! I already am having a hard time with waiting for the next story, but now DisneyFannatic is even busier now cause she has to work on the new audio series spin off.:applecry::fluttershbad::flutterrage:

What REALLY enrages me is the fact that nobody HERE listened to her when she said she wasn't going to do it! :trixieshiftleft::ajbemused::ajsleepy::unsuresweetie:

I also wanna do Daughter of Discord audio series! Because I'm twelve, I probably can voice a filly. Maybe the girl out of the Dashes (I forgot which one)?

I want to do voices for the "Daughter of Discord" audio series. It would be good because I'm 12 and have this really high-pitched voice, so I could play the role of one of DF's OCs or something. I can also do a decent Dinky Doo impression. Just saying!

Can't Wait for Daughter of Discord audio series


Disney should use the song If I Never Promised You, for the audio series when the Changeling makes it look like Fluttershy is kissing a diffrent stallion. after that scene The song should be used. Just my opinion thought :T.

Anyone excited for the Daughter of Discord Audio Series?

What's up? Goddess Of Lesser Chaos here!

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