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Do you want to make an audio drama of one of your fics? Do you have a fic made into an audio drama, and want to promote the story and the drama? Do you want to make an audio drama of one of your stories, but don't even know where to start? Then guess what? This group is for you! :pinkiehappy:

Here at Audio Drama Fics, you can do all of this! You can promote stories that have dramas for them, and put that fic in the correct folder, so people can check out the story and your drama. If you're planning to make a drama, you can promote the story and make sure people keep an eye out for your audio drama. And if you want to make one, but don't know how, you can talk to some experienced people who know how to do it!

Make sure to keep threads on this topic, and to keep the group itself a friendly place. If you want to criticize a story and/or its audio drama, please make sure you are kind an informative while doing it. Everything else will be covered in the Rules thread.

I hope you enjoy the group! :pinkiehappy: :heart: :pinkiehappy:

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He nurvosly said 😅
Not ready yet but I do have a story I'm writing that I love to turn into an audio drama. Thire are some really cool ones out there. So I joined this group
For now I'm just gonna say,

Comment posted by Feather Guide deleted Aug 6th, 2020

My Name is DinosaurHawks and I’m want to make a audio drama want to help me?
I will be voicing two characters in the story.
But I don’t have the equipment.
One of my stories are Elements Of Resistance, Jurassic Metal 1, And The Bite
Jurassic Metal is the first story of the audio drama. I want to make
Although I think I need a artist to help draw the scenes, characters, and backgrounds

Hey guys,
Would you be able to help me create an audio drama for one of my stories called Pony and the Changeling? It is an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast which seems very promising.

Hi my name is ArtistFire and I'm making a audio drama. Please follow me on here. If you have Equestria amino please follow me on Equestria.

What about stories we wish/would like to suggest have an audio drama made (as in, written by someone else)?

I'm trying to get my new MLP fanfic, Twilight's Secret made into an Audio drama. But been having no luck :fluttershysad: I can't do any of the voices, so yea.

It's a darker tone fanfic, and its not finished yet, but if anyone wants to help, please let me know

407688 It's mature because there's a dash of gore and some mean words in the dialogue. It may not even scar you for life.

Never read it, it's Mature.

407686 That video inspired me to write this story: Celestia Visits Nightmare Moon

LOL, I watched that so many times but I still don't understand it. :rainbowlaugh:

Hey, I've been thinking, and I think that you can be a contributor. You take part in a lot of things, and you're starting your own audio drama. Also, I saw your Casting Call Club, and I loved your impression of Diamond Tiara. So, I'm letting you be a contributor. I'll keep thinking about making you an admin, though. :raritywink:

Hmm... I'll think about it. I can't just have you ask and then decide, "Oh, goodie, yes, you're an admin!" If that were the case, everyone would be an admin. :rainbowlaugh:

May I be an admin?

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