As the crowd cheers for the final event of the Friendship Games, Sunset sees the strange new Twilight Sparkle clutching her magical amulet. When she realizes exactly what Twilight intends to do with it, a gigantic train of emotions hits her all at once as she desperately races to stop her -- even though she knows she's already too late.

Written from Sunset's POV in second-person. Violence tag for graphic description of physical transformation.

Written for Bicyclette's "A Thousand Words" contest!

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For twenty years, after the Rainbooms defeated the threats caused by Equestrian Magic, Canterlot City enjoyed a certain period of peace ... until the Autumn of Terror.

In 2041, a series of ghoulish and mysterious murders spread panic in Canterlot City.

The city's brothels are warm and safe compared to its streets... where women are mutilated and grotesque corpses left in plain sight...

Twilight Sparkle seeks out the elusive killer, to end the terror of...


(Based on the DLC of the video game "Assassin's Creed: Syndicate" with the same name)

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On the heels of a harrowing vision, the Royal Sisters bring their capital ship, the Sentinel, to bear in defense of a colonial vessel adrift in dire straits, ignorant of the timeless evil their meddling might wake.

Just some wordy space schlock.

5/20/2022 - Rewritten.

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Shining Armour had a great life, everything he could ever want. He was happy.

That is until the Monster arrived.

Violence tag due to certain themes within the story. CW: Child Abuse

An entry in the A Thousand Words Contest under Horror.

Preread by The Sleepless Beholder and mushroompone.

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Locked in a room with a vampire, Twilight Sparkle awaits her own death.

"I'm counting off the seconds until you die," the domineering redhead said coldly. "One. Two. Three. Four. Five..."

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After rarity receives the ornate box, she quickly discovers it is not just a normal music box. For what sleeps within it, should never be woken up. The city of manehatten has something set loose Upon it. Something they haven't seen before.

Author's thanks:
Thanks to my friends Tsugu and MK for the help with editing this.

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Starlight Glimmer wants to rescue Trixie Lulamoon from a world-spanning catastrophe. Trixie wants to see the catastrophe first.

The author's note talks about where one of this story's ideas came from.

Probably not eligible for the current 1000 words contest...for reasons.

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Content Warning: Horror and body integrity dysphoria. If you don’t want to read about body dysphoria/dysmorphia in a horror setting, skip this story. Transgender people, this warning is especially relevant.

On an otherwise calm morning, with Twilight out of town, Pinkie Pie has a revelation. 

She doesn’t feel like herself. She’s not sure if she wants to feel like herself, either.

She wants to be something different. Something… missing.

Written as an entry for Bike’s A Thousand Words Contest in the Grim category.

Also written for Bean’s Writing Group prompt 33, “Something is missing”.

With feedback from TheWanderingZebra, Arachne, MockingBirb, Shirlendra, and others. Thanks for your help!

Now with a youtube audio reading from The Mystery Fluttershy Fan.

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In the Ponyville Railyard, towards the back, in a old siding by themselves, sit 6 old hopper cars filled with gray gravel. The cars are rusty, the letters on them having faded long ago. The cars have not been touched in ages, and seemingly serve no purpose. Scootaloo aims to find out why the cars are there, and what purpose they serve. Now she wishes that she'd left well enough alone, because when something has been abandoned, there's always a reason behind why it was........

(This is my first foray into the world of MLP horror stories, so hopefully this goes well)

Featured as of 5/4/22?!:pinkiegasp: Holy cow. Thank you everypony!:yay::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

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The humain five, Twilight, and Sunset wake up after a bright light knocked them out to find that their beloved city and her residents have been taken over by strange vine like plants, and that no other humans or animals are within the city. All past grudges are put aside as they must now fight for their lives, but one question continues to preside in the back of each of their minds. Were they responsible?

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