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  • T Phantom War VI: Bounty Hunter Saga

    After losing his memories after the battle, Phantom Lord goes and begins his new life as a Bounty Hunter who brings fear and terror to his opponents. Can Phantom Lord evade the Equestrian Empire trackers or will he be caught?  · Danny Eclipse
    8,576 words · 29 views  · 
  • T On the Run

    A mix up has an unlikely hero being sent to prison while his evil twin uses their exact likeness to get close to the Royal Jewlery  · darkmage1997
    8,503 words · 155 views  ·  8  ·  5  · 
  • E To Cure Insanity Please Insert Ponies

    In which Batman discovers the healing properties of ponies.  · No One and Nobody
    8,775 words · 81 views  · 
  • E Royal Relations

    A young prince from the kingdom of Makuria is dragged to the country of Equestria by his father, King Brisk, and he seems insistent on acquainting the prince with Equestria's rulers.  · DamagedQuill
    14,617 words · 55 views  · 
  • T Lessons in the Moonlight

    After being rescued from the grasp of Starlight Glimmer, Night Glider finds herself lost and without purpose. She seeks out the Princess of Friendship in hopes that she might learn what friendship actually means.  · ScratchnTavi
    73,351 words · 444 views  ·  58  ·  6 · sex  · 
  • E My Little Fonzie

    Happy Days meets My Little Pony. Another big joke with somewhat of a plot this time.  · No One and Nobody
    6,158 words · 34 views  · 
  • T My Little Fortress: Shadytrails

    Set 30 years before the founding of Dawnpick, Shadytrails is a newly-established trading outpost run by the Prestigious Confederation, one of the few merchant guilds spanning the gaps between civilizations.  · PersonalGamer
    76,575 words · 126 views  ·  10  ·  2 · sex · gore  · 
  • T The Republic of Harmony

    Princess celestia has turned to the Dark side of the force. It is up to the jedi of equestria to stop her and The emperor  · Alicornjedi
    7,608 words · 81 views  ·  5  ·  26 · gore  · 
  • T Chaos Incorporated

    What do you do, when you make a choice you regret? You certainly can't go back and change it. So, what do you do when you choose to go to a new world, and you're exiled to Hell for an accident? Well, apparently the power of friendship is a good tool.  · DontTreadOnMe777777
    49,582 words · 1,770 views  ·  85  ·  5  · 
  • E Spike's Gals

    Spike paired with any kind of female from the show.  · spikerules302
    94,051 words · 3,386 views  ·  202  ·  27  · 
  • E The Story Of Many

    Ever wonder what it's like for any other pony? Besides the Main Six, Celestia, Luna, etc? This, is a story about those ponies.  · Yellowtail
    5,137 words · 26 views  · 
  • T Regents

    Twilight Cloud and Moonbeam Sparkle were a rare twin unicorn Pegasus pair living the average life in Ponyville. But Destiny will show otherwise  · Admiral Q Ponyform
    5,996 words · 3 views  ·  4  ·  20  · 
  • T My Dearest Dusk

    Not long after Prince Dusk Shine and his number one assistant moved into their new home, Prince Solaris accidentally sent several letters in which he came to burn them before Dusk could read them. However, Spines was able to save a few.  · CrackedInkWell
    20,630 words · 517 views  ·  50  ·  17  · 
  • T The Cosmic King

    A teenager with the powers of a god get sent to Equestria. But his enemies are just as powerful, and the world is constantly put in danger. Can he save the ponies from himself and his enemies?  · Theyellowninja13
    137,088 words · 1,426 views  ·  107  ·  21 · gore  · 
  • T The Weed

    In a garden filled with perfect flowers, nopony ever loves a weed...  · kudzuhaiku
    66,694 words · 662 views  ·  104  ·  21 · sex  · 
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