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Alden MacManx

If you're living on borrowed time, do you have to return it?

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Rapid Transit (Artie, to his friends)
1) Waking Up A Unicorn
2) The Road to Toronto
3) Math Class
4) Ties of Family
5) Not A Subway Line

Hal Sleet
1) Storm Over Vegas
2) Stop That Blimp!
3) Busting A Buster
4) There and Back Again
5) The Return of the USS California
6) Finding A New Home
7) The Blizzard of 3265
8) Whatever Happened to the California?
9) The Christchurch Rescue

Radiance Point (the former Purple Point)
1) Purple Point: His Life in Space
2) The Wreck of the Gowanus Herald

1) Restart

Joe Velloti (Sky Hook)
1) Peregrination to the Promised Land

New Phoenix
1) Phoenix from the Ashes

HeroVerse/ Equestrian City
01) Blaise Arrow
02) Blaise Meets the Phoenix
03) Rip Current
04) The Day the Lights Went Out in the Tower
05) Training Into Practice
06) Wave Rider
07) Over In A (Split)Second
08) Of Apples and Electricity
09) Concerning Boredom
10) Wave's Birthday Surprise
11) Gray Man's First Call-Up
12) Venus Blue
13) Team Building
14) Battle Lines
15) And Now, the Fun Begins...
16) Purgatory
17) A Walk in the Night

Hurin Tascheter
1) Horse Play

1) Tidalverse: The Fearsome Foursome
2) The Mississippi Voyager


Well, that move didn't work... · 8:43pm November 6th

Moving to Texas proved to be a bust, so, next month (2 Dec) I'll be packing my goods and heading to Las Vegas. Well, me and Blip, that is. Looking forward to peace, quiet and privacy. Living with a family that without my roomie's generosity would be living out on the streets is very taxing on my sanity and my wallet. The hope is there that with my new living situation, I will be able to settle down enough to write coherently and work on the latest story. Hard to do with a ten-year-old going in

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Might I ask if you have read my Stories at all? And if so, which ones?

Thanks for the watch.

That’s a good point.

Having looked into the matter just now, I can honestly say... no.

When it happened, I was at sea on my first patrol on the 642. I knew about it later, when I visited my grandfather in Saint Pete. Plus, remember the Foursome is from central Nebraska. The most sailing they had ever done was up and down the Loup river. They may have heard about it, but odds are they would not have remembered it.

Was wondering if in the fearsome foursome when they passed under the skyway bridge you thought about mentioning the summit venture.

Been loving the story.

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