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Alden MacManx

Ex-fireman, ex-sailor, ex-freeway sweeper, ex-New Yorker, current Zonie and Amazonie. Part-time writer. Full time survivor. Sci-fi addict, avid reader. Also a Yan Can't cook...

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Rapid Transit (Artie, to his friends):
1)      Waking Up a Unicorn
2)      The Road to Toronto
3)      Math Class
4)      Ties of Family
5)      Not a Subway Line

Hal Sleet:
1)      Storm Over Vegas
2)      Stop That Blimp!
3)      Busting a Buster
4)      There and Back Again
5)      Return of the USS California
6)      Finding a New Home
7) The Blizzard of 3265
8) Whatever Happened to the California?

Radiance Point (the former Purple Point)
1)      Purple Point: His Life in Space

Tristan's story
1) Restart


Damn disability.... · 7:42am Dec 9th, 2018

There is a good chance, within the next few days, I will be knocked off line for a while, because my long-term disability is taking its own sweet time in paying me, and I can't pay the cable bill (or rent, or phone, or electric, or food). As a result, I'm going to post the next three chapters of Peregrination now, saving the ending for after. I'll still be able to monitor over my phone, but uploading chapters via phone is not a trick I have learned yet. This old cat is cyber semi-literate.

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Have at. Hope ya like 'em.

Your stories look interesting, I shall give them a read.


Thanks for the fave on Starcrash!

Thanks for favouriting 'Remember the Moonflower' and 'Tales From Day Court' too. :pinkiehappy:

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