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Alden MacManx

Ex-fireman, ex-sailor, ex-freeway sweeper, ex-New Yorker, current Zonie and Amazonie. Part-time writer. Full time survivor. Sci-fi addict, avid reader. Also a Yan Can't cook...

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Rapid Transit (Artie, to his friends):
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2)      The Road to Toronto
3)      Math Class
4)      Ties of Family
5)      Not a Subway Line

Hal Sleet:
1)      Storm Over Vegas
2)      Stop That Blimp!
3)      Busting a Buster
4)      There and Back Again
5)      Return of the USS California
6)      Finding a New Home
7) The Blizzard of 3265
8) Whatever Happened to the California?

Radiance Point (the former Purple Point)
1)      Purple Point: His Life in Space

Tristan's story
1) Restart


Improvements and Setbacks · 1:47pm August 27th

Okay, a month after my involuntary hospital stay, here's what's going on:

1) my blood sugar levels are rapidly returning to normal range, thanks to insulin, metformin and jardience.
2) feeling just a bit twitchy most of the time, tremors noted in hands.
3) I seem to have gone from nearsighted to farsighted- before, I could not read the streamers on the TV from my desk, now I can. However, reading a book is impossible. Computers, I can manage.

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Thanks for the fave on Starcrash!

Thanks for favouriting 'Remember the Moonflower' and 'Tales From Day Court' too. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for favouriting 'My Family and Other Equestrians'. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for faving "Fallout: Equestria Girls" :twilightsmile:

May I ask what you liked about the story?

You do have a point, but I use the 'ex-' prefix to show two things: 1) I did not retire, i did 8 years and out, and 2) I have seen the ocean exactly twice since 1986, and both times it was the wrong ocean. I was Atlantic fleet, not pacific.

Semper Fi, Biker Dash!

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