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I was the co-author of Cheer You On & GAY PANIC with Artistkun & Pinkie Pie is the reason I'm a brony!


I got a new commission on deviantART · 9:25am Sep 15th, 2021

To everyone time, just click on the link below to read & see my new Sonic commission by a artist named Shadowy-Viper

A Commission from Shadowy-Viper by MemeMikaKnight on DeviantArt

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no problem, just wanted to make sure you knew is all, you were the most consistent commenter so it only seemed fair I notify you personally

I saw your announcement for it, I am super excited for it. Sorry didn’t Say or comment on it, i’ve been busy with work. Thanks for the heads up

not sure if you're interested or not, but I'm planning to update Spike Pie: Scrapbook of Memories to completion, then edit the Original Spike Pie so it's both Longer and reads better. then on April third I shall release Spike Pie season 2

Hey sorry for the month late response, I pretty much forgot. Anyways, message me when you want stranger, you're strangely interesting.

  • Viewing 177 - 181 of 181
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