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Greetings and bienvenue, I am Michael Ravencroft. Writer and artist. From the obscure, to the known, from Comics, to Tokusatsu, nothing eludes my creative eyes. Hark the Raven.


Kamen Rider Unicorn Edits · 2:55am February 10th

Just a heads up to those who have favorited, read, or are reading the story. Just letting you know that I'm going to do some edits that I've been meaning to get around to.

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Worker Drone lol
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Earth Dragon
Star Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Egyptian Zodiac Sign: Sekhmet
Celtic Zodiac Sign: Stag/Deer
Favorite Pony: Twilight Sparkle
2nd Favorite Pony: Sunset Shimmer
Favorite Princess: Luna
Favorite Crusader: Scootaloo
OTP: SunLight (Sci-Twi or Pony!Twilight)
Preferred Weapon of Choice: sword (Claymore or Katana)
Magic Affliation: Light & Elemental
Lantern Corps Affiliation: White (Life)


KRU Fanart! Yay! · 5:41am May 25th, 2019

Hey there all, as we wind down closer to the end of Unicorn - sad, yes, I know - I thought I'd take this time to show off some fanart!

The first one is from pyropyre:

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Kamen Rider Unicorn Reading Order · 2:28am July 12th

Just thought I'd make this for anyone just jumping into the KRU series.

Main Story: Kamen Rider Unicorn

First Movie: Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Unicorn & Decade - Shocker Resurgence

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That's fine, I get it. And I can't wait for it to be posted to read, but take as much time as you need.:twilightsmile:

3064439 First off, damn! You binged the whole series?!:rainbowderp: Cool :pinkiehappy:

And as for your question on Kamen Rider Tempest.

Her story does not exist, not yet. I had her cameo in different parts of the series similar to how the Heisei Rider shows and movies would intro a new Rider either during the movies or towards the end of their respective series. Like how Kamen Rider OOOs was introd in Kamen Rider W's movie.

She will be my next Rider that I tackle on here, but for now I'm taking a break. That Witchblade trilogy was a beast, on an emotional level. So I need to step away to avoid burnout.

Just finished Kamen Rider Unicorn Series... AND I LOVED IT!!! Makes me excited to see how well you do Kamen Rider Witch on FanFiction.net. Also, where can I find the Kamen Rider Tempest story, because I kinda want some context for her considering how many times she has showed up, and that way, I know what to expect in Heisei Riders vs. Heisei Xtra Riders.

  • Viewing 157 - 161 of 161
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