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This is a Collaboration Writing Group for the story of The Lanterns of Equestria-The Blackest Night, a crossover story started by BrutalityInc and the art of Cynos-zilla on Deviant Art. For the purpose of telling of the War of the Lanterns of the Emotional Spectrum and Life against the Lanterns of the Empty Void and Death.

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So much IRL stuff...still writing..between re-roofing and study in CCNA.:derpytongue2:


Comment posted by Moon Chaser deleted Apr 24th, 2014

357992 You live? The emotions are, ultimately, the source of pain and misery. To live is to suffer. You live? I RISE! MICHAEL_RAVENCROFT OF EARTH DIE!!!!


Oh my friend, I already control the power of rage, and avarice, fear, willpower, hope, compassion, and love!


357982 Micheal_Ravencroft of Earth. You have great rage in your heart. You belong to the Red Lantern Corps.

341831 We'll burn you all -- that is your fate!

341796 Together With Our Hellish Hate.


Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,

With Blood And Rage Of Crimson Red.

That's what the artist said as well. She is the Sun, and the Sun is Life

341775 Yay! She looks great. But then, who better than Celestia to represent Life Itself in Equestria?

341774 Fixed...
Little klunky with the structure..


That's what I wanna know.


Green Lantern's light!

Also where are the folders to put in stories?

Beware my Power...

341739 Let those who worship evil's might...

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