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Jackie Fing Weeks, the man who can't stay with one name at all! Haha!

Hello I'm Mr. Nightmare Elder God of Dreams and Nightmares

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And hopefully I keep that attention my friend.

Well I look forward to reading more of your story then my friend, you already have my attention caught.

That's good. I try to keep Celestia's plan hidden within the detail but if you re-read 1-5, you may put two to two together and figure out what she'll do. As for Slade though, well I can't say much about him since I don't want to spoil you or anyone else who reads my story other than he may appear in the future of this series or he might not :ajsmug:. Also, when Arc one is finished, the story-telling will just get better. World-building, foreshadowing events, characters, and some development for some characters will hopefully keep you on the edge of your seat.

Hopefully you paid close attention to some details :moustache:

Your welcome friend and hard to say really, you have it going in such a way that I can't really get a good guess on what will happen but I do like how he's constantly compared to that old friend/enemy of Celestia's though I think that he will be seeing Slade in time, either in the future or in further along.

Thanks so much for adding Reign to your favorites! Means so much to me that you're enjoying the story. :twilightsmile:

Can I ask you what you think will happen near Arc 1's finale and beyond? And if you have a favorite scene/foreshadow?

  • Viewing 178 - 182 of 182
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