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Jackie Fing Weeks, the man who can't stay with one name at all! Haha!

Hello I'm Mr. Nightmare Elder God of Dreams and Nightmares

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Oh I definitely will my friend, no doubt about it! Haha!

thanks for the fav and follow! I hope you enjoy whatever you read off my profile! :twilightsmile:

Very badly written? My friend, I have to highly disagree with you there. Your book is very well written, both descriptive when needed and eye catching when you need a better example of an item. Not only that but the description for the story catches your attention (even if it needs to be redone due to grammer) but also the fact that the story starts off in such an epic style. My friend, your book has potential. Potential! Don't downgrade yourself because you think its bad, instead work upon it and better what seems bad to make it even better. Work on it but also take it slowly and go over it to see any mistakes you might have made along the way.

I’m so confused why people like my story, can you tell me why you like my very badly written story?

  • Viewing 193 - 197 of 197
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