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Jackie Fing Weeks, the man who can't stay with one name at all! Haha!

Hello I'm Mr. Nightmare Elder God of Dreams and Nightmares

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Hey! No problem my friend, just keeping an eye on 2 very good books! Keep up the good work, ya hear? Hahaha!

Thanks for the favs to Dogs of War and Mark of the Butcher! It means a lot!

No problem lad, just keep up the good work! Haha!

Thanks for the fav and watch

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Character and Story Idea Adoption (Pt. 1) · 1:36pm Apr 25th, 2023

Welp, I promised myself I would do this one day here on this site and so I have. Now to say any of these characters or ideas will ever be used by me or others? No clue and truth be told, I'd just be happy that someone thought one of these was cool, so yeah.

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