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One good idea, and the flood gates just seem to open wide with this community, and that's an amazing thing to me.

This group is dedicated to the archiving off stories where a Human in Equestria is a little spiced up due to the fact he or she was wearing something a little different than the norm.

Source material powers and abilities optional.

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So I would like to just say, that if 'Hmm...I'm dead.' doesn't follow the rules of the folder, message me and I'll pull it out. Or do you pull it out?

380378 okay thanks for the info.

380049 Just look at your story or the story you want to add, see what the cosplayer is like and add the story to its appropriate folder. Each folder has it's rules listed.

I'm so getting in on this. Is there any rules I need to follow?.

Someone should do a story where the character cosplays as mugetsu from bleach for the human is good folder

You should add a folder for 'Human is Good, but is considered Evil' or something like that for all of the HiE ECC Fics out there that have the Main Character like that, like A Bhaalspawn in Equestria, The Mighty Warrior of Epicness, and I Will Hunt You Down. Granted the first 2 are kinda iffy in whether or not to be put under that label.

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