Any stories that involve humans who wear a costume to a convention (doesn't matter which one) and end up in Equestria (doesn't matter whether b4 or after the con.)
Folders are named as following:
1. those who gain powers of costume when sent to Equestria (powers)
2. those who just get sent to Equestria during/b4/after a Con. w/o powers (no powers)

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um, excuse me, but While I do enjoy this groups vibe, I don't think the story of mine that got added applies? Bro bots in ponyland is not a convention goer... they were beta testing a game.

Question: if you made a story where the guy who gets sent to Equestria as the Joker, would that qualify as No Powers or Powers?

1. Superfluous; exceeding what is necessary.
2. Repetitive or needlessly wordy.
3. Duplicating the function of another component of a system.
4. This group.

Well with the number of shitty fics that fall into this group you need more than one group to hold all this crap.

At least one more.

Jesus Christ how many of these groups do we need?

You know, there are already two groups for this. This one is kind of redundant.

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