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Any story that has to do with heroes and antiheroes ending up in equestria or surfacing in Equestria. Post apocalyptic stories are allowed. Blood and gore is allowed. Now some rules no putting down other group members and no clopfics (this doesn't mean no sexual themes it just means the story's theme can't be sex). Romance is allowed though. Feel free to post stories about your OCS. If you are constantly insulting other members of the group I will give you a warning and then if you continue after the warning I will kick you out of the group. Feel free to post pictures and ask questions. I may not respond immediately but I will try to get to them and answer them. I will start posting a story each week if you have a story you want to be added then post the name of the story in the comments section.

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Sorry it took so long. But as long as you put it in the appropriate folder and it is not a clopfic it is allowed.

I an the God who fallen call my name I will come to help, my name is Nox god of time

You lost the game.

I was wondering if I could post my story on here. Please let me know if that is ok.

393753 if you can get that banner then OK.

389332 Please allow my story; Mister Cee, Big Daddy, err, Big Uncle to be added. Anger management kills again!

Ah I was wondering why the comments where so... Desolate and I also had an idea for a story involving te character I named myself after if your interested please send me a pm

388036 Hello and yes I am here what do you need?

Um hello... Anyone there?

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