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This is a group for people who like it when humans use magic. Note that there is now a folder for such stories as we are here fore in the Library of Humanity group.
The Rules:
1: Where they learn it is unimportant, only that they do it is important.
2: They must stay human(turning into a unicorn isn't human magic), but them casting a shape shifting spell of themselves(or someone else doing it), that doesn't effect their magic(too much), is fine.
3.NOT a group for Humanized ponies. Exceptions this rule can be made, such as i if there was a story where ponies are humanized and can't use magic normally with human magic, that would be fine.
4. Pool ideas here, and complain here.
5. Spread the abbreviation I've coined: MHiE (Magical Human in Equestria)
6. Feel free to insult/argue with anyone. Really. I've actually avoided making anyone else an admin. I really hate it when they abuse their power as admins. So have fun!
7. No unrealistic down voting of comments. I had someone down vote me saying "I read a lot". That is a perfect example.
8. Read the folder description before adding a story to a folder.
9: No more than 2 folders per story, not including the "Main". To be clear, no more than the "Main", and two additional folders.
10: Obey rules 1 through 9.
Idea Pool Rules:
1: no down voting other ideas
2. give credit where credit is due, tell people who's ideas you use and make sure to mention them in the description
3. nothing unrelated to human magic.
Complain Box Rules:
1:There are none! MWAHAHAHAH!

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I saved that when it was deleted. I sent the link to you.

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone had the whole .html for star eater. I had it on my phone but it died and I had to get a new one. I never got to finish it and it keeps popping back in my head.

The Unique Properties of Dark Magic is great and I’m very proud of the contributions I made to it but it’s about a guy who got turned into a unicorn. Not human magic.

Forum rules, or are there none?

Still wanna be in this

my character has a costume of a monster hunter, but it's what would be imagined of a monster hunter, not something from any shows. He also gets a certain dream demon in a necklace that turns him part demon by just wearing it. AND he has a mechanical hand that grants him use of even more magic. PLUS he's the son of a void dweller, a being that draws power from millions of different dimensions, and gave a small portion of his power to him a birth. Which folders should I place such a story?

Let's say a man goes to Equestria, becomes a Unicorn, then gets his human body back in the series finale. And keeps his magic. Does it still count?

Well, looks like this group has been dry on comments for a while.

I still agree to this though, so thankfully I was still wise when I was younger
Shit that was four years ago

God, the more I look back, the more I wanna kick my past self for their stupidity, though I know I shouldn't because younger me will obviously be stupider than older me.

And then I wanna give myself some good bear to see if past me gets funnier, holy shit looking back can be fucking hillarious

Comment posted by Scornas deleted Jul 16th, 2017

So the primordial energies of perpetual change which power the engines of an otherwise orderly universe, (thus fighting off the onset of stagnation, decay, and heat death,) would not be considered a source of Chaos Magic. Fair enough. I have mellowed out quite a bit from when I originally made that post, so I am fine with that ruling.

...calling "Chaos" the opposite of Harmony, however, is still a trigger for me. As if the snuffing out of all life and the enforcement of a cold, sterile stasis could not be considered a form of Order in opposition to Harmony. (See Nightmare Moon and Sombra.)

406786 You have an excellent point, and my only excuse is that I had a much different viewpoint at the time and have not altered it since. At the time I sort of defined it as anyone who's powers are by their nature unpredictable and, well, chaotic. Or somehow intrinsicly linked to the idea of chaos. Like a Chaos Sorcerer from DnD. There' s no telling what that guy is about to pull of of his hat. Or his ass. He might even pull. Or pull his hat out of his ass then pull something fricken terrifying out of that. Or the other way around.

1001 member milestone guys!

Here is a quick question: Just how do you define a "Chaos Mage"? *Looks over at his nearly complete collection of The Slayers OVA, movies, and TV series* There might be some ambiguity due to source settings for crossovers.

405718 I eventually got annoyed enough that I added a "Humanized Equestria" folder. I guess I might as well add an EG one.

Does this group count for Equestria Girls characters using magic, as in Rainbow Rocks and Friendship games?
I know its "NOT a group for Humanized ponies", but EQG humans are technically actual humans that can't use magic normally.
I was wondering because I am in the process of starting a fic that revolves around the Sunset Shimmer and crew learning how to harness their magic for superhero-level things.

403163 give me some expectations first.

403149 is it as hilarious as, say "who's on first?" Classic comedy, look that up.

403148 trust me, it's hilarious.

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