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Hello! Welcome to Beings with Super Powers.

This is a group for any stories where a Human or Equestrian can use magic or have super powers, obviously the magic part only applies to non-magically horned beings.

If a story is a crossover make sure to put it in the appropriate crossover folder as well as what category it falls under.

Please see this thread for the group’s rules on submitting as well as commenting in threads etc.

If you have suggestions for the group go here: Ideas!

If you have any questions about the group post them in the question thread.

For those who want to write a story about a super powered being see the weekly superpower spotlight in the threads for good balanced powers to use.

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I'm putting this everywhere I can incase it's not just a rumor.

Does a Kryptonian Unicorn count?

Well, my marefriend got me a telekinesis gem for my birthday a year ago. Does that count?

So would a story that has ponies with abilities well outside their normal tribal abilities be appropriate for this group. I have a Threstal that never gets sick, has immunity to magic, never grows old, and heals fast. Also a Crystal Pony that has a variation on what you might expect from Rogue from the X-Men; she can absorb other's magic, and will also with repeated contact gain their skills, personality traits, and even habits.

Mages, Fiends and Ladies is out now!

Also, if you haven't noticed, I changed the title :twilightsheepish:

Episode 2 of Equestrian City is live here!

Equestrian City - Episode 1 is up and ready to read! Ten years after The Canterlot Disaster, we look in on how everyone is settling into life in the welcoming community of Equestrian City!

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


I'm joining this group preemptively, since I'm currently in the early stages of writing a story one could define as a 'superhero' story. Won't go too far into the details right now (because I'm totally gonna make you read it to find out how it all connects), but it'll definitely involve the CMC and a version of sorts of the Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel. However, not a crossover.
And btw, I am usually horrible with groups, so once I get the first few chappies up (i'll probably forum post about it), I would humbly ask assistance placing the story into as many relevant groups as possible.

392042 well if you need an editor, I'm your man. Check out a buddy of mine called Ink Sword. Tell 'Em TLR sent you. He's got a good story called buck you, I'm iron man. It's one of those displaced stories.

391964 i have no story, but i want story with five of my chars, Wraith, Vanguard, Marksman, Tank, Berserker.

391964 damn auto correct. It was supposed to be ' me likie'

391963 me likely. :pinkiehappy:
I'd explain the rest of the characters in my story, but that would take too long. Tell you what, you got a story with him?

391962 its mild psychokinesis, unless he touches the object is has none, if any effect other than a electric shock, but, he has emotional triggers like rage, or sadness, he is much like a berserker

391954 Char? Psychokinesis? Would've expected pyrokinesis with that name, but that works. My guy Cervantes is a Lycanthrope, and that's not really much of a power, considering the whole chimeric rule, but he does have impasse.

391868 well, my char has mild psychokinesis, and he is very silent, most of the time

391852 I was just stating the most realistic of powers. If you want the power to launch laser farts that turn your enemies into a wheel of cheese, be my guest. It's only limited by imagination, which is altogether limitless. Lycanthropes, angels, and other 'Sub-humans' could be considered chimeric rather than actual powers though.
Anything like fire breath, inhaling water, or magic would be powers.
That more specific? I was merely stating realistic powers, but I guess I neglected to include fictitious powers which, believe it or not may just be reality with a combination of cybernetics and biological implants in the waaaaay distant future. Whoopsie daisies:twilightsheepish:

388557 well that helps

Are there ANY albert wesker fics?

What classifies as "Super Powers"?

Well I'm glad you asked! There's a large variety of abilities we humans don't understand but other have that could be defined as 'super powers' in today's world. We put them under three categories, the first two being most common: Insane, phony, or realistic. Insane, as it suggests, is to call one insane. Finding enough evidence to prove this and lack of evidence to prove the power exists generally puts them in the funny farm. A wide variety of psychics are nullified to uselessness due to the amount of medicine to 'treat' them. Phonies are nothing more than your run of the mill stage magicians (Here's lookin at you Trixie). They use common parlor tricks in order to get peoples attention. Now the realistic ones are a key subject here. Considering we only use about 10% of our brain power, some are born with slight advancements. Take psychics for example. They can be instinctual or practiced. For example, say I wanted to... uhh... move a rock from point A to point B. Now being a normal person, I couldn't do it. Take someone born with this, and you have yourself a rolling stone.
Now, outside of PK (Psycho-kinesis), there are other abilities, each more rare than the previous. Super healing factor can actually be manipulated with psychic powers, pyro-kinesis (You know, setting shit on fire?), genetic alteration (this one's more instinctual. If a human were to become gravely ill with, let's say, cancer. They'd be bummed as shit. However, if you were to receive a dramatic emotional change of happiness, this could play a key role in when you go to the doctor next day to find you've been cured. Happiness is the best medicine), and many others that haven't really been tapped into. Super powers are just super human abilities we can't quite grasp the thought of yet. In fact, someday in the Waaaay distant future, it could be common place to spiritually bitch slap your neighbor for their dog taking a crap on your lawn.
Now some personal super powers I've thought of? Well... hehe... that's for another time. Adios amigo :pinkiehappy:

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