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It's been almost a decade since the Battle of the Bands and Sunset Shimmer has been trying to clean up the mess she made. After series of unrelated crimes, Sunset, now known as The Phoenix, may need to finally ask for help.

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Thank yo7. Stay tuned for more n.n what did you enjoy the most?

8034276 I enjoyed the part of Sunset gaining so much power!

Curious to see where you go from here.


Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

You know I think I saw a comic that seems just like this, I can't remember what site it was on though.


More then likely mine. This was the peice that started it all. :)

8039392 Sweet, I can't wait to see the rest of the comic and more of this fanfic too, also will sunset return home to Equestria in the comic and fanfic or will she remain in Human Equestria?


Good question! Stay tuned!


Spoilers, the portal,"somehow" gets destroyed and everyone who"somehow" survived the explosion,"somehow" gets super powers(Twilight can use magic, Applejack gains superstrenght, Dash becomes Daredevil, Sunset gains fire powers). So with her brains and magic, Twilight decided to spend years in Equestrian City building and Iron-man like version of Masked Matterhorn insted of making a new portal to go home with.

All of this is reveald in the bios the original auther created on his deviantart page or in the commisions requested by him to other deviantartsits, and by the comment above pretty much tells you that I have very little hope in this project


Rather observant I must say. But I was careful enough not to reveal the reasoning behind several characters in my bios and commissions. I'm not entirely appreciative of the tone of your comment, but I can tell you at least did your homework.

The reasoning behind Twilight not making a portal home? Well lets see, she doesn't have access to her magic anymore, this world's magic acts in an entirely different way she's used to, and quite honestly, how does one just BUILD a portal? The answer to that question is a very good one, though not to be revealed anytime soon. :)

Thank you for your constructive, it not cynical, feedback :)

A Problem with that reason. She easly made the Original portal to open how many times she wants in the beginning of the Movie, and she´s extreamly smart: So she must have enough knowledge to build her own version of the portal. I mean, she mad A FUCKING IRON MAN SUIT IN THIS!!!

I have more problems with the summary and the Comic version of the prolouge. But I´m waiting for it to be done so I can see how more it insults my brain and so I can do an Epic Rant Time on it.


While I appreciate your thoughts on the matter, I must ask you refrain from such foul language at this time as its not helping anything.

Twilight’s inability to recreate a portal from scratch has little to do with her knowledge and more to do with appropriate materials. Remember the world has no real magic prior to Sunset arriving.

I encourage you to voice your opinion about this title but must remind you that no one is making you read this story. If it's not to your liking by all means, no harm no foul.

Problems with the summary or the comic should be addressed in the proper forum for such things.

The prologue comic has different elements because for one thing, the comic is meant to be more expansive in explaining what happened during the explosion. The prologue fanfiction is a brief snippet to entice the reader.

Obviously it has not done that with you, and for that I'm sorry. This may not be your cup of tea.

Again I thank you for your feedback but must insist you keep it civil and constructive instead of, how shall we say, hateful. :)


I´ll try, but I have the mentality"When I start watching something, I have to watch all of it" Even if the thing is bad or insulting like exempel "My Little Portal", I have to watch it becuse I started to watch it and want to know how the sloths ends. Who knows? Maybe this story suffers from the"Bad Begining, beter middle act, awesome final act Syndrome". Only time will tell.

Wonder if Susnet feels any regeret, she fubar beyond measure and caused a great many deaths. Bet she doesn't know sweetie Bell was one of them.
also bad news for Susnet since Aria still alive she knows whoc aused this mess inthe first place.

This was extremely good. You are quite skilled with writing fight scenes, something quite a few lack on this site. I am looking forward for more. *Crosses fingers and silently hopes that this will actually be finished*

Well, first episode, and I have no clue wtf is going on. All I know is Twilight has forgotten her Character development from the previous 4 seasons and acts like a Tony Stark clone, but not in the good way.


Sunset is pretty upset with herself, she is trying to clean up the streets of magic misuse after all. Though she's far more jaded about it, she didn't learn entirely about friendship after all

Thanks for the comment and stay tuned!


I thank you for that, it's the first time someone's made mention :D

I hope you stick around there's more fun to come! :) don't forget to tell your friends!


I apologize if your not having fun n.n keep in mind she doesn't have all her character traits due to Rainbow rocks taking place earlier in our run :)

I encourage you to stay tuned but again, if you don't enjoy this, by all means don't let it keep you :)


I can´t stop reading it! I have started to and I must be done with it or else it will be in my head forever!

also, HOW much earlyer?


If memory serves Rainbow Rocks occurs after Twilight's Kingdom season fours finale :)

Welp, that's proved alluring. I'll keep my eye on this story.


Thank you! What did you like specifically if anything? :)

8051797 Well, I'm generally a fan of AU fictions, especially the ones a bit darker than the original. And this story, with the Humane 7 divided, superheroes in DC-style, Dash's condition, criminals and disaster all around, it's really tickling my interest!


But then at that point, Twilight should know that giving up is not an option!!!


After at least a year of constant trying, it would be very hard not to give in. The reality of the situation sinks in and you understand you are never going home again. You do what you can..you assimilate into the world. :)

Course, given some artistic license as I have been, I think it's relatively believable :)


Thanks for the feedback, stay tuned, Rarity's got a lovely scene coming thats dark as well! :)

Comment posted by JadeSaber2222 deleted Mar 26th, 2017


What an interesting perspective! I thank you for your input in the matter. :) Though at the moment, you seem to be in the minority in regards to disagreeing with Twilight's reasoning. Though, you didn't really put why it's shallow, just that it was.

But, again, thank you for your feedback, I understand your feelings in this matter. We welcome you to continue to read or by all means, eject, if you wish to :)

I would also ask you not spam non solicited links in my comments :)


But, this is the first time i did a link

8052112 Just an FYI on your acronyms:
Unless you mean for another word to be represented by the E in S.P.I.K.E. of the U in J.U.S.T.I.C.E.; they can be better put as S.P.I.Ke and Ju.S.T.I.C.E. Not a bash, just some creative criticism. A lot of people have this kind of acronym problem, so no worries mate!

Twilight = Tony Stark (Ironman?/Masked Matterhorn?)
Rainbow = Matt Murdock (Daredevil/Zap)
Pinkie = ? (Quicksilver/Filly-Second)
Rarity = ??
Sunset = ? (Human Torch?)

Too much Marvel?


I've seen several ins r ancestors where the acronym is actually a cheat. I wasn't really going to sweat the small stuff in this case since KErnal has the e and u in JUdicial...well you see? ;)

Your spot on with Twilight and pinkie and Rainbow Dash. :) the rest is revealed as time goes on ;) each is an homage to various super hero's and archetypes :)

Hope it's entertaining! Do let me know!


My fascination with super heroes began sometime before it was hip to be a super hero fan xD but I'm entertained by the new movies we've seen recently. :) I was a player on a game called city of heroes and since then I've really been Gung ho about it all. :) the structure the writing and so forth. :)

8055494 Have you tried DC Universe Online or Champions Online?

I have a lifetime sub to Champions and DConline I try occasionally, both are fun in their own right, but it's no Paragon City :/

8058652 yeah... makes me wonder if anything is going to come of that kickstarter....

8059951 I never heard anything else on it :(

Nearly dropped this after the last chapter (not due to quality, just seemed not for me) but this one hooked me. Now that there are some positives for the characters (and Sunset doesn't seem to be a super pariah), things are much more interesting. Spike's and Sweetie Belle's deaths felt out of place, but knowing comics, soon Spike's soul will inhabit AI Spike and Sweetie will be back as a ghost or something. The one thing that really bugs me though is that Rarity and Twilight, who were in the center of the magic, didn't get powers. The random distribution already bugged me, but Twilight of all people not getting them?

What happened to Fluttershy and Applejack we didn't hear anything about them?
Did they die?


They'll be along. Can't introduce everyone all at once n.n


My take on the idea was similar to how it happened in The Flash. I was terrified when I watched the first episode and realized they basically did what I had already written xD It's randomness is part of the dangerous part of magic. Some people it gives powers, some people it kills, some people it leaves alone. That leaves alot of people upset by the entire incident. :) It also gives quite a setup for a vast environment like that I've written. Plenty of room for expansion :)

A lot happening here. Sunset is definitely going to need to cover her tracks a bit better. It makes sense that the police need something to help even the playing field. Depending what goes down next will determine whose designs they'll choose for their officers.

I do feel a bit for Sassy, given that Rarity's "situation" keeps her out of the office when she really could have helped neutralize the situation before it got to this point.

A lot to take in. Looks like Dash's secret identity may be compromised. And looks like Sunset dug up a little dirt.

So now that Nightwatch has a promotion and a very important position, I have to wonder what's next? Also, Coco is giving me a very bad vibe. Don't know why but it's definitely bad news.

I love this story, but so angry at Sunset, she fled away and went into hiding and such. Sure this will come back to bite her badly.


All very important questions and shall slowly be revealed, as any good comic or comic based story would! ;) Thanks for reading!

It's never too late to try and make amends, which is what Sunset has been trying to do for ten years. But then again, no one gets it right ALL the time. ;) Thanks for the read!

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