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I write a variety of stories in different styles. Some are basic slice of life stuff, some are dark. I occasionally take some risks in terms of telling stories by doing some unorthodox things.

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Progress Report · 2:41am Monday

Well, up to about 23,000 words written so far for the sequel story. Doing edits and revisions and still adding. Got one pre-reader going at it so far, but might get another one or two. Not getting enough bouncing of feedback going as of yet. Not really deep into it yet, expect a lot of familiar faces and a lot more development of lesser characters from the original story, especially since it is told through their perspectives. I expect this sequel to run a much higher word count than the

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About Me:

Gender: Female
Favorite Pony: Starlight Glimmer
Favorite Book: Teckla by Steven Brust
Occupation: For the moment call center representative but business is closing soon--so soon to be unemployed.
Been Watching My Little Pony since G1 (though skipped G2 and G3)

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Thank you for adding From Far Beyond to favorites. Your support is greatly appreciated! :)

i am just starting pandemic to day but i want to say you have a nice looking OC.

Thank you for adding my story to your favorites.

Just want to be able to see what your Pandemic story is like when it hits and want to be sure not to miss it, especially if you are using one of my characters.

Aww, thank you for the watch! Any particular reason? :heart:

  • Viewing 46 - 50 of 50
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