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A closet Brony who likes the community but DOESN'T like the show anymore. Fight me.

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Nobody reads or responds, so who cares? · 11:56pm June 18th

I want revenge.

I want justice.

I want closure

I want what I deserve

I want people who have wronged me to suffer. Then I want us to be equals.

I want people to know my pain so that they will truly know my sorrow.

I want people to know how I see the world so that they will know my mind.

I want people to care about what I have to say so that I know I’m not alone.

Does anyone know?

Does anyone understand?

Does anyone care?

Do I?

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Well, that’s honestly a first considering most people are annoyed by my pop culture based humor. Thanks. :twilightsmile:

Really? Wierd, oh well good thing I sent you a holler, it's fun having you hunt for references :twilightsmile:

Huh. It didn’t notify me even when I’m tracking it. That’s weird :applejackconfused:

Gueeeess who updated? :pinkiehappy:

Awesome! Thanks for giving a story that expands on NMM’s character.

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