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Proud owner of eight commander decks, a bunch of anime DVDs, and a level 100 shiny Farfetch'd. Also writes horsewords.


Welp, I tried. · 7:13pm January 30th

So, I was going to keep it a surprise on the off chance I was actually selected as a finalist, but I entered the third Great Designer Search, a contest where the prize for winning was getting to intern for Wizards of the Coast designing Magic cards. Alas, it was not to be, as I apparently didn't score high enough on the multiple choice test. This also means that they will never actually read my essay questions, which I put a lot of thought into and would have been weighted three times more

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An entity in Magic: The Gathering lore. See here. Basically, she's like Cthulu, except instead of only worming her way into your mind until you go insane, she also mutates you into a tentacle monster.

Who or what is Emrakul?

Good to know. Hopefully I'll see you again sometime I'm not working all the time.

No problem, I understand. Honestly I don't really use social media, actually; I'm pretty much only on here.

Hey there, Thought Prism! I'm sorry we didn't get a commander game in. Saturday night, when I should have been most free, turned into three hours of firefighting, and by the time I was done, it was nearly midnight. I hope we'll get a chance to do it differently sometime, and again, I'm sorry I couldn't make it work.

For future reference, what's your social media platform of choice? I'm most active on Twitter, but I think I'm slowly getting pulled into Discord.

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