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Thought Prism

Proud owner of eight commander decks, a bunch of anime DVDs, and a level 100 shiny Farfetch'd. Also writes horsewords.


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Ok, see you guys in, like, a month. · 3:20pm 6 days ago

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Good to know. Hopefully I'll see you again sometime I'm not working all the time.

No problem, I understand. Honestly I don't really use social media, actually; I'm pretty much only on here.

Hey there, Thought Prism! I'm sorry we didn't get a commander game in. Saturday night, when I should have been most free, turned into three hours of firefighting, and by the time I was done, it was nearly midnight. I hope we'll get a chance to do it differently sometime, and again, I'm sorry I couldn't make it work.

For future reference, what's your social media platform of choice? I'm most active on Twitter, but I think I'm slowly getting pulled into Discord.

Comment posted by ThatClosetBrony deleted July 24th

Thanks for letting me know! Even if stuff has been said before, feel free to echo it. If I've done something well (or poorly), it's good to know when more than one person shares that opinion.

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