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Emberglow's story is not yet over...

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3152853 did you know i'm going to an anime and i was wondering if i could use you're cozy glow from roadkill in it i just need to get in contact with Hasbro because cozy glow belongs to Hasbro you can find out more about it at deviantart nautica5113 if you want i just want to ask if that's okay i love you're stories and i hope we can be friends if you want to know why i'm looking for cozies it because i want to do the thing like the seekers from transformers i just need cozies who can't or don't want to go back and if you want i can credit you as i use her and i know she dead but cozetta glasgow the prime timeline cozy glow has the power to bring back the dead as near immortal humans

If I didn't I wouldn't have favorited it. It was very cute and fun, plus writing the whole thing in rhyme couldn't have been easy.

Thanks for adding The Guard of a Different Stripe to your favorite romances. I hope you enjoyed it!

You can make another! 👀

You know I already have one, but that did get a chuckle out of me.

  • Viewing 57 - 61 of 61
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