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I am a twenty-four year old male living in the United States. I hold an Associate's degree in Computer Programming as well as a Bachelor's degree in physics. I will be attending the University of California at Riverside where I will pursue my doctorate degree in physics.

Some of my hobbies include creative writing, twisty puzzles, video game level design / programming, playing video games, and (sometimes) mathematics.

Brony since post-season one. My favorite pony is Sunset Shimmer. Favorite episodes include The Cutie Mark Chronicles, A Canterlot Wedding, Twilight's Kingdom, The Cutie Map, Slice of Life, Amending Fences, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Gauntlet of Fire, The Saddle Row Review, Stranger Than Fan Fiction, A Royal Problem, Discordant Harmony, and The Perfect Pear,


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Thanks for the watch. I hope you like where I take your star characters.

Thanks for taking an interest in A Mad Pony in a Box. Here's hoping I don't infuriate the physicist in you at some point in the story.

Thanks for following me, too!

...seems that you weren't. Thanks for enjoying "A Shimmering New Year"!

Here's hoping you aren't too confused by "A Shimmering New Year"!

  • Viewing 27 - 31 of 31
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