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About Me

I am a thirty-year-old male living in the United States. I hold an Associate's degree in computer programming as well as a Master's degree in physics. I am currently attending the University of California at Riverside where I am pursuing my doctorate degree in physics.

Some of my hobbies include creative writing, twisty puzzles, video game level design / programming, playing video games, and (sometimes) mathematics.

Brony since post-season one. My favorite pony is Sunset Shimmer. Favorite episodes include The Cutie Mark Chronicles, A Canterlot Wedding, Twilight's Kingdom, The Cutie Map, Slice of Life, Amending Fences, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Gauntlet of Fire, The Saddle Row Review, Stranger Than Fan Fiction, A Royal Problem, Discordant Harmony, and The Perfect Pear.


Fanfiction Books by RQK · 10:01pm Oct 15th, 2018

This post contains the links of the various works that I have written which have made it into book form or will make it to book form. All books are printed in the pocket book (4.25x6.875 inches) perfect-bound paperback style.

This blog will be continually updated as more books become available. It is current as of October 11th, 2023.

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Thanks for the follow! Good to see you at EFNW! :heart:

Excellent stories, I see you're a person of culture as well, I would like to have the honor of shaking your hand :moustache:

My favorite pony is Sunset Shimmer.

I knew there was a reason you wrote good stuff.

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