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Excited to finally have a FIMfiction account! Will post my stuff here now.

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Forking Paths · 9:32pm April 6th

In my last blog post, I happened to mention that I've written a lot of original fiction in the time since I finished Besides the Will of Evil. Several of the comments that followed questioned where they might find it.

The answer is: not many places. I confess, here, that as a writer I am somewhat ambitious. I write to please myself and my readers, of course; if I'm not happy with a work, and then you, in turn, aren't happy with it, then it's a failure. But, especially when it comes to my original fiction, I tend to chase after grandeur and glory. My dream is to be, not merely a writer, but a great writer, and for my work to outlive me to a large degree. I dream of writing works people will read a thousand years from now. I dream of melding beauty of poetics with beauty of storytelling in a way that rivals the finest writers ever to work in the English language--or any language, for that matter.

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Have you ever considered doing a print run of Dangerous Business (and possibly Will of Evil)? They’re both amazing stories, and I’d love to have a copy in printed form!

If you don't mind me asking, could you tell us where to find these other stories you spoke of? I very much enjoy your writing and would love to read your non-pony stuff =D

Holy crap! A sequel of my most favorite MLP fic ever!?

Kudos to you sir!

I have a question. From looking at the tags on your stories, how come you like tragedy and gore so much? I hope I'm not being presumptious and your stories are written nicely, I was just wondering why you choose to write that type of genre?:twilightsheepish:

1341368 Now that you've said that hes all I can hear when Reiziger talks and its fricken glorious! :rainbowkiss:

  • Viewing 52 - 56 of 56
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