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More HydrusBeta Art · 10:21pm June 8th

HydrusBeta has once again done a wonderful piece of art for Harmony Theory. This one is another birthday present for me, and it’s an amazing scene of Star Fall using her spellsheets to attack Nightmare Umbra in chapter 11. It’s also animated, which is an extra layer of awesome on an already

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Report Sharaloth · 389 views · Story: Harmony Theory · #Fanart

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I feel the same way at this point.

RD is my favourite, but I like them all in different ways. They each have something to offer as a character. I can't really rank them.

whos your favorite to least favorite of the mane six in order? i am just curious

2215161 It absolutely is. The next chapter has just been taking a lot longer than I anticipated to come to fruition.

Hope Harmony Theory still is in the works, cheers :raritywink:

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