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oops I accidentally the rest of Harmony · 8:42pm November 9th

So last night, GaPJaxie made a terrible mistake.

Specifically, he made the theme for his weekly speedwriting contest "Crossovers." No other prompt, no other constraints, just write as much of a crossover fic as you can in one hour's time.

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Aquaman #137 · Tuesday · · ·

I told you in the Gdoc comments that I loved it, man.

(I mean, I said that really late and missed the official vote, but still.)

Shit yo for real?

Thanks so much for the fav :twilightsheepish:

Honsetly I feel like thats light, so here's my take: he's a sociopathic, good for nothing pile of shit with the open-mindedness of a closed door and the emotional capacity of a rock with googly-eyes stuck to it.

Thanks for the follow!

Still waiting on that copy of your anthology.

  • Viewing 133 - 137 of 137
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