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The BronyCon Bookstore: Let's Do Something Crazy, Y'all · 4:31pm August 25th

This past July 27th through 29th marked the sixth incarnation of BronyCon I’ve attended in a row. That means six years of sleeping on hard hotel floors and corners of beds not built for two people, six summers of spouting wild story ideas over typewriters and crabcakes and heckling fan panelists before and after being heckled myself, six times I’ve attached dozens of screennames to faces and learned how friendly/funny/gifted/Majin the people behind those names really were.

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Comment posted by chrumsum deleted July 14th
Author Interviewer

Aw shit :D

Also, how you been lately? :B

Author Interviewer

Where's your damn post about the infantilization of Princess Luna? :| I need to reference it.

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