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Not Being Vague Anymore · 12:40am 53 minutes ago

Here's a screencap of TittySparkles' latest blog:

And here's a comment--one of many with similar but less explicit approaches to this matter--that blog inspired:

And here is what I sent to TittySparkles in a private DM, reproduced below in text and image form so that it can be seen publicly without being deleted from under the relevant blog or removed with said blog:

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Giant God bless.

At first I was confused by the quote at the top, but then I realized who the person being quoted was and I was like, "Oh... right. Yeah, that'll do it lol."

Aw, man, I thought I was lucky to get just one clown to myself. You went ahead and linked the whole circus! What a swell guy.

(Also LMAO you actually checked to see if I did it. I’ve got you good.)

Glad to be immortalised on your userpage!
Remember to follow TittySparkles She's great.

  • Viewing 140 - 144 of 144
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