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  • EFar From The Tree
    After stumbling upon Apple Bloom in a compromising position with a colt, Applejack comes to terms with her little sister growing up and wonders what role she's meant to play in her life. *2nd place in the Most Dangerous Game contest*
    Aquaman · 10k words  ·  719  7 · 12k views
  • EPlural Possessive
    King Sombra meant to possess Twilight Sparkle's body and take over Equestria with it. Due to an addressing error, he ends up in Dinky Doo's body instead. Neither of them is very happy about it. *5th place in the More Most Dangerous Game contest*
    Aquaman · 16k words  ·  1,039  13 · 10k views
  • EA Failure To Plan
    Nightmare Moon's about to return and Equestria needs a savior, but don't worry: Celestia's got everything under control. Just as long as Twilight goes to Ponyville on time, and not to Moondancer's party instead--but why would she ever do that?
    Aquaman · 12k words  ·  579  15 · 5.2k views
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  • TI Am Demon
    I am Cold, swirling snow that turns ponies against each other. I am Survivor, the one the Friendfyre spell didn't catch. I am Demon, and Clover the Clever is my Master. *Winner of Equestria Daily's Outside Insight contest*
    Aquaman · 16k words  ·  529  14 · 3.6k views
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