The Saddle Club gather yet again, challenged to a totally free, graphic-poor, Mutiplayer RPG game. Of course, Draco taking the lead, things eventually steer off the Happy-Rainbow path in no time.

Now all that's left is to crash and die.

Ah, and the awesome art of Donnie was done by an awesome maggot on g+ >:0

Chapters (1)

Family Disclosure Protocol: Revision 90

Jeremiah Cimmerian, Phillip Foster, Jeffery Jacobs, Green Spoon, Moondancer

Abstract: Humans and Ponies, by our very nature, are social creatures. We gather, we find partners, and we form families. This is no less true for members of the Foundation than it is for any other group. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our work, such relationships create the potentials for massive breaches of security, and in several cases, have required the use of amnestics. By granting the loved ones of specific Foundation personnel a special class of Level 0 clearance, not only does one decrease what could be considered a potential security breach, but also reduces amnestic use, and in many cases, helps alleviate the stress and physical/mental strain constant deception of loved ones has upon Foundation personnel…

Twilight has been working for the Foundation for several years now, ever since she rose to become Celestia's personal student and turned 18, she has been working with the Foundation.
But now, after all the adventures she and her friends and family and gone through, all the tears and laughs, they still do not know of her affliction with the Foundation, or that the Foundation even existed.

After witnessing how Dr. Deep Study's daughter denounced her father as a workaholic who never pays attention to her and loves working more than her, even though he died preventing a ZK-End-of-Reality Scenario, Twilight has decided it was time to activate FD90, and reveal to her freinds and family...what she does in the dark.

Crossover with the SCP Foundation.
Inspired by this Tale

Second Story, tell me how it is, constructive criticism is encouraged and needed.

Rated Teen for mention of Death, mentions of things that are deadly and disgusting.
Basically everything the Foundation does that's not 18+ and I'm gonna mention it in this story.

Chapters (2)

Sunset Shimmer was highly known ever since the Fall Formal incident. That is, until she unexpectedly commited suicide, via knife to the chest. They came to the conclusion that it was depression which lead her to take her own life away.

However, not everyone agrees.

Together, the rest of the Mane gather clues and information, in an effort to find the real reason behind her suicide.

That is, if it is suicide to begin with.

Chapters (2)

Book 1 of The Hero Club.
After being charged with assault, young Gusty Breeze is released into the care of an estranged aunt. The last thing she wants is to get in trouble again. Unfortunately for her, circumstances have other plans.
When a secret of hers is discovered, she's forced into a partnership with two other young ne'er-do-wells in order to stop all three of them from getting in serious trouble.
What starts as a simple club based around necessity and a stolen book soon becomes something else, and Gusty finds that she isn't the only one in town with secrets.
(WARNING! Contains lots and lots of OCs. Book 1 contains very few canon characters, and takes place about 15 years before Season 8 of FiM.)

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash, a royal maid, is mourning the death of her dear herbalist friend, Fluttershy. Little does she know that Fluttershy has chosen Rainbow to fulfill her last request. She wants Rainbow to kill her coltfriend.

(a/n I wish I could put a fourth tag on it cause romance)

Chapters (1)

Equestria was just a game, one of an endless number of semi-illicit online games created to take advantage of the ubiquity of cheap augmented reality hardware. But that changed, when for no reason anyone knows, the virtual population of Equestria woke up.

Two decades have gone by since then, and the world has been transformed. The former game network has grown to encompass the backbone of trade, infrastructure, and research the western world over. Its vast computational resources have given rise to an infinitely subdivided world of overlays and sublayers, coterminous with the various cities and towns within Equestria. Every person in the modern world is assigned a Synth, a pony personal assistant that adapts to their needs and helps them access those parts of the world governed by Equestria's systems.

It is a world Dakota barely remembers, thanks to an automobile accident that turned most of her body to mush. But thanks to the medical miracles created by joint equestrian-human research, her life is saved by a remarkably new series of implants.

But Dakota isn't content to sit around while her body slowly knits itself together. There are unanswered questions to answer, questions that will ultimately lead her to the oldest mystery of both worlds.

Updates every Saturday.

Sponsored on Patreon by the Illustrious Canary in a Coal Mine. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

This isn't part of the Optimalverse, or any other established fan-universe.

Chapters (3)

S.C.A.T. unit #325. Designation, Soul Trap.
Reported MIA for a thousand and fifty years.
Last known mission: Track down the three Eidolons known as the Specters of Madness, capture them, and contain them until further notice.

Chapters (1)

Book 1 of The Daring Don't Saga

Daring Do once again pops into Rainbow Dash's life with the offer of an adventure to find a mysterious artifact. However, the dreaded Ahuizotl has already gotten his dirty paws on the artifact with the intent of wreaking his revenge on not only Daring Do but Rainbow Dash! Once his villainous plot is revealed, Daring Do teams up with Rainbow Dash and her friends to put a stop to his plan and once again save Equestria.

But that's not all. This adventure is one of secrets. Secrets that will change Daring Do and Rainbow Dash's lives and bind their destinies together forever.

Welcome to The Daring Don't Saga!

This story is set after the Season 8 finale. It will also contain elements from the My Little Pony and Daring Do Chapter books, but familiarity with either shouldn't be necessary.

Cover art by the incomparable InkRose98.

Chapters (2)

You know all about Celestia, Luna, and Cadence, but what about all the other the other Alicorns out there? Well, one studious princess wants to find them all and learn all she can from them, so Twilight Sparkle embarks on a journey with Spike to find and research the numerous Alicorn Princesses of Equestria.

Her journey begins in the Everfree Forest. Twilight didn’t think such a think was even possible, but on her way to Zecora’s place with Spike, she stumbles into a paradise. Waking up, Twilight finds herself in the embrace of the princess of time, who just so happens to have huge crush on the purple pony.


***Updated: 12-14-2018***

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Why?

I fear not the Silence of War.

I fear not the Silence of Darkness.

I fear not the Silence of Words nor the Silence of Memories.

But when I knelt before the Vaticinator and in the heart of our Gods:

I fear our Silences.

Chapters (1)
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