This a tale long forgot about a beast that once roam this earth destroy everything in it path including pony it's feast on heart it grew strong and greedy ,but this beast was seal away by the ancient order of the alicorn this beast now sleep in the darkness part of pony hell waiting to awake to see it revenge full fill ,and kill any alicorn left.

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This story is inspired by the game called Among the sleep. Link to the trailer will be right here ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผhttps://youtu.be/UN4rRMcZK4M

Art made by - strabArybrick https://www.deviantart.com/strabarybrick/art/Scared-filly-twilight-284063018

I wonโ€™t make this story to much like the game for witch there will be some differences.

Twilight woke up at night, to find her babysitter and her older brother Shining armor had vanished. With only her doll-like friend Smarty pants to keep her company, they both decided to wander together to find them. But are they prepared for what lies in the darkness..?

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Carrie White died when she brought her whole house down on top of her, right?


She was teleported to Canterlot High, which is going through a dark time because of a user named Anon-A-Miss. Upon seeing who is accused, something snaps in Carrie. A feeling of sympathy and empathy. Realizing the Sunset is innocent, Carrie will do anything to find the culprit. But this time, she's more assertive and has gone from shy girl to interrogating detective. And God help the real culprits when she finds them.

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This story is a sequel to Detective jakkid166 Go to Equestria Now

Detective jakkid166 might be th greatest detective in the world, but what he ISNT is gonna be found out! Today his past comes back to haunt him when he go back to we do the he has to find out who is causing the murders of the around the world. In this spawling epic he will come across friends and bad not friends and find out if he is truly frothy of his detective title. And also theres ponies like Twilight and stuff. So read it or else you will miss the stunning big part 3 of the DETECTIVE jakkid166 equestria series!

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You can be a friend no matter who or what your soul is

This a story of the equestria girls encountered a unnatural mythic being from among the stars and they try to figure out who he is until 3 AM the girls and he truth is told and why he's here

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninjas: Friendship School

The Ninja Steel Rangers have been transported to another world full of mutants and magic. In order to get back home, they must team up with the Ninja Turtles and Rainbooms for the first time ever against an evil, alien mercenary sent by Madame Odius. Get ready for a morphenomenal crossover that will blow your mind.

The shared TMNT/MLP universe is created by Wildcard25

This story is edited, proofreaded, and approved by Wildcard25

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This story is a sequel to The New Stallion

A day after the mane 6 has found out spike had magical powers that can let him shapeshift the whole gang is heading towards canterlot to find out answers, will they found out what they are looking for or are they doing this for nothing? Find out in the story

Cover art by Jade Crossroads

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Lightning Blitz wasn't prepared for the discovery of a strange, supposedly human device on his doorstep. Hoping to eventually return it to its' owner, he attempts to identify who it belonged to.

Unfortunately, he finds out a bit too much...

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Prologue teaser two chapter story for a series coming this November or December 2018.

A stallion wakes in a familiar room he has seen many times before, it is a place he wakes in after certain events. He has done so for a very long time. And as he lies in this room upon the bed, he envisions what it looks like, as it always does.

Then he opens his eyes, and sees it for himself.

Temporary placeholder image courtesy of the kauser medical archives.

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Twilight Sparkle was only a filly when Equestria detected the enigmatic Signal. A series of increasingly complex mathematical proofs, the Signal transformed from an intriguing curiosity to reliable evidence of extraequestrian life.

And as it happened, Equestria's exploration of their own solar system was nearly complete. With colonies orbiting every planet and large body, and an asteroid belt filled with miners and prospectors, Twilight's civilization was just about ready to turn its focus outward. The signal was less than ten light-years away, within reach of a daring, experimental voyage. A voyage Twilight Sparkle would lead.

Along with a small crew of the most skilled scientists and engineers Equestria could offer, Twilight is determined to uncover the mystery of the Signal, and brave the final frontier for future generations of Equestrian explorers.

A comment-driven, CYoA story. Please use the links provided in the author's notes of each chapter to vote, rather than the comments.

This story is a creative experiment of mine, one meant to explore the general idea that creativity is often most fostered by restrictions. As a result, I've imposed a number of restrictions on the writing of this story, which I'm stating explicitly here so I can be called out if I break any of them.

1. Brevity is the soul of wit
No chapter may be more than 1000 words long.

2. Every choice matters
Each chapter must end with a CYoA-style decision tree. At least one sub-optimal choice must be present, with no indication about which is which other than the prose itself.

3. Fate is cruel and the universe is heartless
The decision of the vote must be respected. This means any character could be killed, or the entire story could end in failure, if that's what the votes decide. Where numbers, stats, and randomization appear in the text, these elements are not verisimilitude.

Note: Because of the unusual production of this story, its chapters won't be edited in the same way as my usual fare. Feel free to point out any mistakes you encounter.

Awesome cover by Zutcha as you can probably tell. Editing stuff by Two Bit and Sparktail, where applicable.

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