At one point in your life, there's always this... moment.

This weird, inexplicable moment where nothing makes sense. The odds of what is happening to you just don't make any sense at all. Even with all your imagination, this one moment would have never crossed your mind.

It's one of those moments where you just say 'Oh well, that just happened', or maybe 'it just works'. The kind of moment no one will believe you if you ever tell the experience to someone else. A few would dare to say that it's 'destiny' doing its work, fulfilling some ancient legend or legacy or whatever.

And of course, this is not limited to just humans! Anyone can fall victim to one of these!

For better or worse, this is the moment a few individuals are experiencing right now.

Written for Bicyclette's "A Thousand Words" contest. Under the 'Experimental' category.

I'm not sure if I have to explain the origin of each picture, But at least I can say that the upper right picture was made by ZaDrEx.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: Sparkling Harmony: Future Incursion

A revelation from the future has thrown Sparkler for a loop. Fleur De Lis, An Alicorn like her that had hidden her wings until Sparky's and Misty's trial, is allegedly her biological sister. This has raised questions in her mind.

WHY did Fleur never say anything?

Was Fleur adopted?

Was Sparkler herself Adopted?

What do her parents know?

One way or another, She's going to get answers.

At least this time she doesn't have to feel bad about springing surprises when a letter would've been too slow.

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Time Turner comes to Rockville on official geological business; unfortunately that business involves greenlighting a project to destroy the Painted Hills, a local natural wonder and a fondly remembered foalhood locale of local rock farmer, Maud Pie. Unhappy with his assignment, Time seeks Maud's help in saving the landmark by uncovering an ancient secret. The more time they spend together in the hills, the more their weirdness seems to fit together... Oh, yes and Maud's pet rock turned jealous ex, Boulder is trying to kill them which appears connected to it all in some strange way.

Maud Pie x Dr. Whooves

The 'sex' tag is purely for some innuendo but the story does contain hot fossil collecting action.

My submission for the May Pairings Contest 2022.

Cover by me, as always.

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For twenty years, after the Rainbooms defeated the threats caused by Equestrian Magic, Canterlot City enjoyed a certain period of peace ... until the Autumn of Terror.

In 2041, a series of ghoulish and mysterious murders spread panic in Canterlot City.

The city's brothels are warm and safe compared to its streets... where women are mutilated and grotesque corpses left in plain sight...

Twilight Sparkle seeks out the elusive killer, to end the terror of...


(Based on the DLC of the video game "Assassin's Creed: Syndicate" with the same name)

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Sweetie Belle woke up one day, time had moved on without her.
There was nothing left, Equestria was reduced to nothing but ruins and snow, somewhere she used to know so well had been reduced to nothing but memories of war, fading away in a sea of white.

Echoes of the past guided her, events she had never seen with her own eyes had replayed before her, making her retrace their steps to find out what truly happened.

She thought this was a dream, something with meaning. Though meaning was once lost once the steel shell underneath was revealed. Nothing made sense to her, not anymore.
She would never be able to understand a past she had never been a part of.

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Trixie gets her friend and frenemy stuck with her in a miniature avant-garde poem containing very few available letters. :trixieshiftleft:

Content Note: (1) A profane word starting with an "F" and a "U" used a few times although the only letters available to our protagonists do not include "K" or "C". (2) A profane word referring to excrement although only the final two letters are available to use. :pinkiegasp: (3) A profane word in a "foreign" language. (4) Trixie makes a Freudian slip or an intentional allusion.... It's easily missed though, which is either a good thing for those with taste and decency, or it's the nucleus of a fun scavenger hunt.

Featured on 2022/05/19!

Trixie is Terrible Rating: She didn't want it to happen, but she's not helping make things better (3 :trixieshiftright: Out of 10).

Experimental Entry in the Thousand Words Contest.
- It is so experimental that the word counter on the description page disagreed with the word counter on the editor page(!) [The editor shows it as 1010 words. The site description shows as 1000 words].

Image: All mine, although the words are a parodic reference to this link, which itself is a bit of a philosophical parody... and the image probably contains some other cultural references. :pinkiecrazy: For those who want to be spoiled: SPOILER The image indicates that the story is about more than the story. It's about Friendship and Language. But the primary intent is for the story to be enjoyable on an obvious level as an amusing romp.

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This story is a sequel to The Hobo: The 'Generous' Fashionista

Adventure and praise. That's all that Rainbow has ever dreamed about, and when it took her away from her friends, she didn't even bat an eye. The latest mission takes an interesting turn when an old friend stumbles out of a box...how did she get in there?

A tale of loneliness and forgiveness.

Note: It's a mystery people, not every question needs to be answered. If you are one of those types that need to know everything, I'll explain everything under a spoiler thing.

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Starlight Glimmer wakes up on the campus of a magic school, unsure of how she got there.. After wandering around, she finds a group of ponies that are also stuck in this place with her. Unable to use magic to open the doors, and unable to fly out due to a magical dome, the ponies have to find a way out and fast. But that isn't all, it seems some pony has a very particular set of 'rules' for the ponies to follow while they are trapped. The rules are pretty simple for a pony to grasp, but some of them are... 'strange' by all means.

It's up to Starlight and her friends to get down to the bottom of what's running this freakshow and what's keeping them trapped in this place. If they can find any way to escape, they need to find it quickly before things go haywire.

But, if they really want to leave, they must look at the rules as carefully as they possibly can, and most importantly... try not to get caught.

[Cover art made by WhiteQuartzTheArtist]

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The Elements of Harmony have all grown old and died. Princess Twilight is doing everything she can to protect Friendship but crime is growing faster than anypony could have predicted and the need for police and detectives has never been greater.

Hutch has been a detective in Manehattan for a few years now and has seen her fair share of crime and murder. But when a dead body appears in her own apartment it's going to take every bit of training, grit, and earth pony intuition she's got to find the culprit without getting thrown behind bars herself.

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William is a human that suddenly appears in equestria. He doesn't know what's going on, but somehow the ponies immediately recognize him by his name, and take him to meet the princess.
He didn't do anything yet, and everypony already knows his name, or that's what he thinks.
Situated in the middle of season five.

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