Twilight Sparkle, former up and comer of the scientific world, now disgraced, is exiled to Ponyville at the command of the Scholar Queen. To live out the rest of her days there, far away from the capital.

Yet, it is not all dark and horrible here. There is happiness to be found even now, with the Everfree only a handful of yards from her doorstep. There are friends to be made. There is her assistant, Spigor, faithful as always. There are problems that have lain dormant for a millennium, that have been waiting for someone just clever enough to solve them.

Just the sort of thing to keep her busy.

(This is a retelling of the MLP story, set in a gothic horror-esque universe. For the purposes of this story the characters are human.

And Spigor is pronounced Spy Gore. It's a portmanteau of Spike and Igor.)

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Twilight's life was a simple one. She studied the magic of friendship along her friends and with Spike's help but, when she had to face Discord, something went wrong.

Now her life has moved back to a point before meeting her friends, Spike has disappeared and any attempt to mention him distorts everything around her, some strange foxes are appearing everywhere she goes to, she sees strange occurrences which, for some reason, everybody seems to ignore and she hears a strange voice that nobody else seems to notice.

What is going on? What happened to Spike? Who are these guys? Why her friends doesn't believe her? Who is this voice and why is so focused on telling her where to go? The only one way for her to find is by starting what will become the quest of her life.

Inspired on the many fics I've seen here based on Equestria being a video game but I'll add a twist, I'm also inspired by this little kickstarter

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They say Fluttershy is one of the best animal carers around. And despite her demure personality, will go to great lengths to help anyone in need. These attributes are put to the test when she finds a damaged wolf in the Everfree Forest, it wants to lead her onward.

Fighting through her fear, she follows the wolf, to a clearing where something tragically beautiful awaits. Can Fluttershy help, or will the darkness be too much to handle?

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”When will I paint again...”

Palette Sketch, a single earth pony with knowledge that is shown through her own artwork. It was never knew how she knew of this- but as questioned she knew of it very early on. Now, with this knowledge known the Alicorns kept her in a hidden sanctuary that was built to keep hold and to show they truly mean no harm. Now, after the many days her traits of a painter is running dim. She needs out.

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Deadly Manners is dark comedy murder-mystery series set in the winter of 1954. It follows the events during the night of the affluent Rich family annual dinner party with their distinguished, eccentric guests. However, all is not fun and games as shortly after the party starts, a snowstorm begins to rage outside, trapping all the partygoers inside their host’s mansion. When a murderer starts killing off those in attendance, the guests must figure out who is responsible, or at least how to stay alive lest they are next
Based on the podcast Deadly Manners created by Ali Garfinkel. Please go check it out on any podcast player near you! It's my own spin on things and my very first Fimfiction on this site. Any thoughts or criticism would be good so I can know what to fix or tweak in the future. Thank you!

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Pinkie Pie's "Happy 200th Day of Grand Reopening of Twilight's Friendship School" party had just been ruined by a party pooper! And 8 ponies with each having their own vantage point of the party, must find out who this party pooper is, before he or she gets away with it.

Pony's POV's (Each POV will be released after the pony before his or hers are finished):
1. Twilight Sparkle
2. Scootaloo
3. Sandbar

Inspired by the movie "Vantage Point", so decided to make it MLP style! Hope you enjoy!

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Having narrowly escaped the successful coup dealt by her treacherous cousin Duke Blueblood, Princess Rarity and her younger sister Sweetie Belle, try to escape their beloved kingdom of Soothsay.

Unfortunately, the two get separated, and to find her sister Rarity is forced to enlist the aid of a demon, something she thought to have only existed in the realm of fantasy.

The demon is more than willing to help her, of course... for the right price.

Collab between myself and Earthsong9405.

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Alternate (and shorter version) of my previous fic, Pony Art Online. The adventures of Yui, Asuna and Kirito in Equestria.

After the death of Yuuki Kono, Asuna Yuuki knows she needs a break from ALO. She convinces her boyfriend, Kazuto Kirigaya, to try another game for a while.
They connect to a new game, called ‘Legends of Equestria’, but it seems to be much more than a game.

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Lucky Signs, a young stallion from nowhere, never had any desire to do anything great with his life, but fate has always been fickle to him. Ever since earning his Cutie Mark, Lucky has never been able to catch a break from the string of humorous events in his life brought on by his apparent "luck." Content to hide away from anything that could trigger his Luna-cursed "blessing," Lucky just wanted to work as a local delivery stallion and not stick his nose into anything big.

However, while on a delivery for his parents, Lucky finds himself the "hero" of a failed robbery attempt and at the beckoning of the Royal Guard due to his "vigilante justice." Under the careful watch of guardsponies whom dislike him, the newest auxiliary is now being lent out to various low-level calls for assistance across Equestria. Can the poor stallion just serve his time and go home, or is Lucky Signs liable to stick his nose into something bigger than himself, whether he means to or not?

Author's Notes

Hey guys, this is only my second time at trying to create a decent work of fiction on this site. The idea of this was just amusing to me, so I decided to give it a try and so far, I'm liking what I can do with this. I'm new to this scene, so constructive feedback is appreciated.

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