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I can't believe typing in "mystery" when looking for groups turns up NOTHING!

So, despite the fact that if forced into social events where I have to be in the spotlight (unless I can wear a mask or play a role like in a play or something) I'm likely to react very similarly to Fluttershy, (Dragon Quest or Hearth's Warming Eve, take your pick). So, despite all this, a "mystery" group had to be made, I mean how can the fans of "MMMystery On The Friendship Express" not make mystery fanfics? This being the case, I decided (reluctantly) to make one.

So, rules... rules rules rules... Let's keep this group farily open. Any kind of story where the main focus is the mystery. A story that has a mystery as a side part should probably be put somewhere else. I'm lenient though, If a story is roughly only half mystery then welcome in!

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